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@neicul any plan to add option in MM for kana only study in personally made study lists? (or maybe option to include furigana)? Would be nice to make some decks for vocab review where I haven’t learned the kanji yet.

Edit: or be able to choose the type of review, similar to how the options exist in kitsun:

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Haha thanks! I’m on a semi-holiday (special circumstances brought me here, but making the most out of it :slightly_smiling_face:)

I hadn’t really thought about it showing kana twice, that’s a little bit weird yeah… You can make a copy of the layout and put {{#Readings}} {{/Readings}} around {{first:Readings}} as it acts as an if statement. So if you dont fill in the reading value on the card, it would not render the things in between the if statement and closure. {{^Readings}} would do the opposite, being “if not”.

For font size changes you could inline the style on the html ala <p style=“font-size:10vmin”> and change the 10 to other numbers to see what works well for you.

Hope that helps a bit!


If the vocabulary you wish to study has a common kana form, you can usually select that specific form from the dictionary and add it to any of your personal study lists. You will then only get questioned on meanings during reviews.

In MM every form of a vocabulary can be studied individually, and has it’s own SRS.

Having just kana lessons for other vocabulary which does not have a kana form entry, is currently not really planned I think.

Regarding determining layouts, we aren’t completely sure yet… we will likely introduce options for that a bit later on when we introduce the grammar SRS and Cloze style vocabulary review layouts :grin:

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Can’t remember how to put less than 10 chars without Discourse complaining.

Wooops :sweat_smile:

Training conjugations from another conjugation is coming in the future, another user also asked for it. Seems handy!


Time for a new update!

Today we’ve mostly got a big bunch of bugfixes but also the ability to remove items from study lists and our very first easter egg achievement is ready to be earned. How to get it? You’d have to figure that out yourself! (Something about making Maru mad at you…?)

Read more below:

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OMG hello WaniKani! It’s been a while :grin:


welcome back!


Hello! Funny seeing you here :laughing::relaxed::wave:t2:



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Huuuhhh, fancy seeing you here too! :laughing: :wave:


New Update

Yesterday a new update landed. This means that new lower intermediate content is available, and you will now have your user level and experience set appropriately! Go check out your new level :smile:

Read more about our leveling system below:


And another one!

New update for MM landed!

We’ve added the first mini-game: Wordle! Rise to the daily challenges of both 4- and 5-character Wordles!

Tutorials & Knowledge Articles Get help when needed or read about our teaching methods, the website or how to do certain things! (We’ll be filling it up with more small articles in the coming weeks )

Timezone Support! Everything time-related on MM now takes into account your timezone setting! This means your lessons now unlock at your midnight , your streak now counts correctly for you and daily things like vocabulary, wordles, kanji also change at your midnight!

Read more below:


I’ve never played wordle before the minigame was added so maybe I don’t really understand how this works. But I thought if there is a blue arrow it means that there must be another syllable of that line in the word. But this wasn’t the case today. (Or I need new glasses :joy:)
Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-28 um 15.40.35


Just to make sure, all these characters were put in the same spot? Because that is an important detail for the hint. That said, something odd is going on with the hints at the moment. Hoping to figure that out asap haha

As for explanations, we’re going to add a small tutorial on that page explaining all the hints and such :grin:


I saw the same thing yesterday as @Ducklingscap (5 letter puzzle I think), where all the kana of that line were used but rejected but the horizontal arrow hint was indicated on ん.

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Can confirm it was a bug with ん in particular (and a few others that don’t have 5 items per column). Just put out a hotfix for the hints in general, with this fix included :grin: Should be good from now on!


Is there an explanation to the hint of wordle? I don’t get it:


My deductions:

orange means “is present but not correctly placed”
green is “correct”

I don’t get what happens with “す” though. First an up and down (need to tenten it?). Then left and right (wut?). Then nothing (wtf?).

Got the same with both た and め, and seeing todays world I don’t get it



From what I can gather, the up/down arrows mean it’s from that column (さしすせそ), and the left/right arrows mean it’s from that row (うくすつetc).

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This is correct!

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