& - Grammar Lessons, Reading Exercises, Vocabulary, Kanji and more!

Got it, thanks! Likely that it’s the same bug then. Sorry about that!

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So far what we thought about is to go from the dictionary form to the target conjugation form, but perhaps letting you go from one form to the other would also be a nice drill option :open_mouth:

Likely starting work on it next week, should be out within a few weeks at latest!

Ideally we want to use verbs you already learned as vocabulary through the unlocks, so that you can focus on the grammar drilling, rather than figuring out what the verb even means. But I’m not 100% certain if we already have all types of verbs as unlocks at the point where the conjugation tool will get introduced. Will have to doublecheck next week :smile:

It will be largely the same as Kitsun’s, but with an improved parsing method and using our own dictionary. It will likely also know exactly which words you already know and do things like remove furigana if you already know the word. So we can tie it directly to your progress on MM and also suggest you certain stories appropiate for your level.

We’re also working on graded readers which will likely also tie in with the reader. Improving the parser will also allow us to start parsing native materials for thousands of premade study lists. Kitsun will of course also get the same parsing improvements and such.

We kind of have two different types of imports coming up.

  • One where we let you import the vocabulary and kanji you already know, so that they get marked as known and will not show up in any study list you have. As an added bonus, it will also show you exactly how much of a study list you already know, which is great for figuring out if you can read certain books for example.
  • And one where you can import items for your own study lists. Being able to create a studylist automatically, or add to an existing study list. All you need is a word or kanji list :slight_smile:

Yes! We have weekly and daily challenges on our roadmap too, so that you can get even more EXP through putting in just a bit more effort for the day or week :smile:

Exp is for leveling yeah, although right now leveling is not implemented yet :laughing: We’re working on it and will provide more details about it later!


I really love the look an concept of the site! I’m heading into N3 now but am also interested in reviewing N4, so I was wondering if the N4 section is meant to be fully unlocked at the moment? I can get to its “world” but the slide-in menu on the left is empty and clicking on the map doesn’t do anything. I also noticed on the world map that it says the N4 lessons are 100/100. I wasn’t sure based on how you described the current content if it’s supposed to be available right now, so I wanted to make sure I’m not experiencing a bug.


what grammar levels based on JLPT are available in MM right now?

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N5. I believe N4 is rolling out gradually starting very soon.

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What’s the best option if I was interested in both? Sign up for Kitsun first, or MaruMori?

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Get the bundle through Marumori :+1:.


Hiya (and hi @evandcs )! Thanks for the kind comments!

The 100/100 is a placeholder at the moment, we wanted to already show you all what the region looks like as a little teaser :smile:

I’m going to paste a comment I made somewhere else, as it contains more details about how we go about adding content:

The currently available content are the Absolute Beginner and Beginner islands. In more clear terms that means the following:

  • Grammar Lessons → Pre-N5 and N5 grammar points are done
  • Reading Exercises → same as above
  • Kanji → We have our own mnemonics up to 300 kanji at the moment, which covers a lot more than the usual N5 kanji
  • Vocabulary → We teach around 1000 vocabulary with those 300 kanji in the available regions, although they are lacking premade mnemonics at the moment.
  • Drills / Trainers - Kana drills are currently available, Conjugation drills should be coming in the next few weeks, which will get added to the existing and new regions as levels too.

Aside from that we have all unlocks for future regions available as a big study list in the premade study lists section, so you could already go much further than that (or create your own of course).

Regarding upcoming content, we are releasing our first batch of Lower Intermediate (N4) levels in a few days. Which includes 1 reading exercise, 5 grammar lessons and an unlock batch (with kanji mnemonics). After this we will be releasing a new batch of levels on a bi-weekly schedule, aside from our other new features that we plan on introducing in the coming months.

Please take a look at our roadmap for MM if you’re interested in seeing what’s coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Our ambition with MaruMori is very large, and creating the content takes quite some care, time and a lot of doublechecking to make sure everything is accurate and fits for an optimal learning flow where everything is supposed to supplement eachother (e.g. reading exercises introducing new grammar and kanji / vocabulary you just unlocked, or previously learned verbs showing up in the conjugation drills). We have a lot of things coming up that also require more resources to create (listening exercises, mock exams to name a few).


The combined bundle sale is available on MaruMori, with the individual sales being available on the individual platforms.

If you wish to get the bundle, you could first register on MaruMori, get the bundle (if you like it) and register and link your Kitsun account at any point afterwards (it will automatically upgrade your account once you link it, after buying the bundle).

You could also register for Kitsun first, then head over to MaruMori, link your Kitsun account in MaruMori and then get the bundle. During payment processing your linked account will automatically get upgraded too.

So it’s really up to you how you go about it, it works both ways :smile:

Thank you for your interest in supporting us by the way!



I look forward to seeing how it develops.


Thank you so much for the support! Really appreciate it. Hope you get good use out of the platforms in the next couple of years!

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I wish you were hiring developers. Lovely platform, and congrats. I will certainly check it out.


Cool platform!
One observation as I’m browsing the platform to see if it’s something I’d be interested in starting…
…when I click on a vocab link, e.g. from N5 island > Study Items Unlocks #4 > any vocab, I get a:

Something went wrong

Status 404

Not Found

error. Is the vocab dictionary not working yet?


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I think it’s a bug. And if so, it should be easily fixable.

I think it’s a bug because the word of the day seems to open the dictionary entry without any trouble: MaruMori - Learn Japanese

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Very flattering to hear, thank you!

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Oh, I think the link to the vocabulary might be wrong there, I’ll put it on the list to fix with the next update!

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I sent in an email because I was confused about the price, but have gained even more questions in the interim. I’ll just quote my email here and add anything further below:

I was hoping to support the site through the early supporter bundle. However, the information provided is a bit confusing.
I would love some clarification on the actual price.

Because I was also wishing to purchase a Kitsun Lifetime subscription, I wanted to add the $49 to the bundle. So far, so good. But the following sentence on the Marumori website confused me:

“Buying Kitsun as an addon together with MaruMori Early Supporter for just $49.99 extra, meaning $137.49 per platform!”

What is this $137.49? What does per platform mean? Does it refer to the Marumori lifetime price? However, that is referenced as costing $244.99 on the billings page.

Additionally, this is in the anouncement Launching Our Early Supporter Options & Kitsun Sale Bundle:
“When you optionally decide to support MaruMori in these early stages you will get a hefty discount on a lifetime membership for when we launch in the future.”
However, the supporter bundle is named the life-time sale. Am I understanding it correctly that if I am buying the product now, I may have to pay again in the future?

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MaruMori = $224.99
Kitsun = $49.99

MaruMori + Kitsun = “two platforms” = $224.99+$49.99 = $274.98

$274.98 / 2 = $137.49 per “platform” as a blended price



Sorry for the confusion, I’ve been replying left and right and might not have been very clear in communicating the prices.

To clarify, if you want to get the bundle containing both Kitsun lifetime and MaruMori lifetime, it will cost you $274.99 at the moment. Early Supporter refers to the discount we currently give on MaruMori Lifetime, as the price will increase towards launch. You will not be paying extra after that, it’s a limited time deal as the platform is still in development.

Kitsun Lifetime in the bundle is a special addon bonus which gives you access to a more mature platform while we work out the kinks at MM (and for when you want to study other subjects etc) :smile: This too, is a one-time only buy.

So to be clear: One payment, for both lifetime memberships, no extra payments after that :smile:

Thank you so much for wanting to support us!


Thank you very much! Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow no new questions have sprung forth and I can deal with actually purchasing it.