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I have indeed tried what you have suggested and I do really appreciate your suggestion. But it just honestly doesn’t work for me in my opinion. I feel a bit weird and uncomfortable doing that.
Despite the fact that I have completed GENKI’s I and II, I really wanna go through the second GENKI text book again because I feel like it helps and gives me a stronger memory.
But thank you for the suggestion. I am not trying to sound condescending or anything. I hope you understand.

Alright, I see. Thank you very much for the tip though. I might give your application a try in a couple of weeks later :slight_smile:


I understand. Everyone is different. If you tried it out and it didn’t work then that’s it.


I think it’s the greatest, can’t recommend it enough. It has complete autonomy like Anki without the headaches and frustration (plus a modern/pleasing aesthetic that is an enjoyable experience to use). I think you will enjoy the reader tool, as it allows both reading practice and a simple way to create cards for you to study later and gives a quick analysis on reading level of the material. And since WK misses alot of basic vocab (or even just hiragana/katakana only vocab), I think you can find benefits just with this alone.

Vocab decks are much easier after going through the WK grind plus you can add en->jp with your cards. But there is so much functionality, so you can practice listening comprehension and grammar…Subs2Kitsun is great as well. And many community decks are very polished due to the feedback system that is set up (and customize what card you want to use). Plus there is still Anki deck import if you really want it.

Just a warning, given your WK level you are probably not in the full swing of SRS here so your time dedication to multiple SRS can be tricky. However @prouleau recently made a great tool that allows additional study approaches with WK material that is Kitsun-friendly. For myself, I do Kitsun just when I have the time but I ensure to clear WK reviews daily.


Yes, that’s true… and that’s why I’m asking how is it marking as incorrect due to the " if the setting “allow typos” is on? :thinking: How do " influence on the answer?


I’d have to check this specific example, but usually typo leniency is based on the length of the answer value. In this case I’d assume it to allow at least two typos though, so perhaps something else is causing a problem :open_mouth:

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a small preview of what I’ve been working on the past few days. I’ve scrapped the original designs that I had for the apps and came up with something new.

Here’s a small teaser :smile:

Some of the smaller details are not final yet (icons/navbar) but I think you get the idea. I’m about 70% done with the designs of all the screens (there’s quite some actually) and have also begun the actual implementation/programming of the app in Flutter (again from scratch).

It didn’t take me long to implement/code the two screens you see above with Flutter, so I think that once the designs are done I’ll be able to develop the apps in no time. I’m thinking about releasing a version without offline capabilities first, and then once everything works correctly, add offline functionality afterwards.

If I had to give an estimate of the time left before a beta version, I’d say around a month (but no promises yet :laughing: ).

As you can see, the dictionaries will be integrated inside this app as well, but the Reader (for helping you read Japanese texts/books) will get it’s own standalone app afterwards. Reason being that it’s completely focused on Japanese and also requires additional assets which would bloat the main app too much.

With the link below you can view the progress of development:


I wonder, will you follow WK tradition with holidays discount or is it out of question?

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Maybe :smile: I’ll be sure to let everyone know before that time :slight_smile:


Small progression update:

Still working on the mobile apps for now. I’m now often switching between creating designs for other pages and actual app development/coding, whatever I feel like doing more at that moment :laughing: Here’s some new teasers of the app running on my testing device:

Obviously still in a relatively early development stage, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how its progressing :smile: Next up are the dictionary pages and popups.


Have you considered releasing the app with just community center, lessons, and reviews? Not even creating cards or dictionary or anything like that.


I have, but adding the dictionary pages wouldn’t take too long at this point as the designs are done. I think the most time consuming parts right now would be the reviews/lessons session (as those have to communicate a lot through a webview, as layouts are made with HTML/CSS). The other pages are mostly relatively simple displays of data.

Once the reviews/lessons session is working exactly as it should (with all extra functionality in there), it won’t take long to publish the complete app afterwards :smiley:


Anyone else having trouble creating cards via ios? I’ve tried several browsers and there is no longer an option to select your deck after you create flashcard…it seems the top of the ‘default card’ is cutoff and I can’t scroll up any further.

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FYI, all browsers on iOS use the same rendering engine, so it’s not surprising that the same issue appears on all of them.


Do you mean through the dictionary popup or actual manual card creation?

I just got myself an iPhone for daily use, so expect iOS specific problems to be fixed soon :laughing:

Edit: Just tested both options and it seems to work for me for both dictionary and manual card creation (through the cards management page). Could you perhaps take a screenshot?

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This is what I see when I select default card. There is nothing to scroll higher beyond “kana-only” in order to select a deck. Custom card looks normal but I don’t usually use it.

So I can complete the card to get a green ‘success’ and it does land in a deck (just no selection on what deck it is)

Edit: I recall a discussion on auto-default deck or deck prioritizing instead of a long list but I don’t remember if anything was implemented yet.

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Ah the dictionary default card popup. That’s really odd, I can’t seem to reproduce the issue on my iPhone, it seems to scroll fine for me. Do you have any zooming enabled perhaps?

Could you maybe try scrolling/dragging/swiping at different parts of the popup?

Any other iOS user facing this issue? Could you let me know which iphone you are using? It might be a resolution specific problem or something. Do you remember when the last time was that it was working normally for you?

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Zoom is off, using iphone 8 (ios 13.7). I’ll update to 14.1 now and let you know.

Edit: update to 14.1 now works fine now (hooray!), I have deck selection option back. Sorry for the trouble!

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Glad it’s working again! My phone was already on 14.1 so that’s probably why it worked… Kinda worrisome to think it might not work well on 14.0 though… :sweat_smile:

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I’ve just started using kitsun and downloaded a wanikani deck from anki.
Every word I type in it comes up as red and doesn’t accept as correct.
Is there anything I can do to change this?

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Hi @Ttwyman, I’m not sure without seeing the values and layouts but usually it’s due to the field not being mapped correctly, or the answer value not using , or ; to split the possible answers.

As a general side note considering your user level on WK:
Kitsun is not intended to be used as an alternative for WK content. WK deserves to get paid for the fantastic website & learning system they’ve made.