Marugoto online courses and JLPT

Hi, back again with another Marugoto question, lol! I’ve been enjoying the online courses so far and I finished the A1-1 course, and I’m almost done with the A1-2 course. I’ve been using Genki on the side for extra grammar, but I primarily focus on the Marugoto books. However, I was wondering which level would correspond to a respective JLPT level (e.g. A2-3 course = JLPT N4 etc). I found some information on the Marugoto site, but they only had information on the books.

Sorry for the (maybe) obvious question :smiley:


Well, you have to remember that the JLPT only tests on a subset of the skills covered by the CEFR, but roughly speaking A1 corresponds to N5, A2 to N4, B1 to a strong N3, B2 to a very strong N2, with N1 somewhere between B2 and C1.

(That’s from memory and my own experience; if I have time I’ll try to dig up an actual reference)

Edit: oh, hey, actual statistics from the people from the JFS!


Thank you for the reply :grin: I’m going to try to take the N4 soon and see what I’m missing, then.


Can you only start at the beginning of a Marugoto course? Th number of people having completed the A2 course, and also getting N1 is surprisingly high.

Or I should say, the number of people that pass N1 after having been evaluated as A2, is surprisingly high.


If they’re being tested on speaking, it doesn’t seem that shocking.


As @Leebo said, the CEFR evaluation has more aspects than the JLPT, namely writing and speaking. When I passed the N1, my writing skills were close to non-existent. Given enough time, I can make a correct sentence, but not in the time scale required by the test. If they use the lowest skill or something like that to attribute the level, I would probably have been evaluated as A2 or B1 at the time.


Ah, a topic relevant to my interests.

I’m plowing through the JF/marugoto courses and they are making an improvement in my Japanese. I was dragging on the A2-1 course and ended up getting a 98 on the test, which I am taking to mean I actually retained some knowledge.

On to the A2-2 course… I am shooting for B1 proficiency, so the correlation chart is quite interesting to me. I am B2/C1 in German (B2 in speaking, C1 in everything else), so I feel like I can get to B1 without combusting.

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