March Comes in Like a Lion, Chapters 7-10🦁

Ooooh, I am so mad at Rei’s 師匠/父!!! He’s really a crappy 師匠 if he can’t make use of 香子s fire! She may not be the best, but that doesn’t mean she can’t hold her own. I wonder if it’s a situation where he can only recommend one pupil?

guess will find out what happens to the abusive kyoko(it’s her in the beginning right?). but do you even need a recommendation? like at worst he could have recommended her next year.

Maybe they would need to face each other in the tournament and he knows she’s going to lose and not gracefully. or it’s simply about gracefully loosing. he “knows” that she’s going to lose.

I think that it is her strength that made father needlessly do that, which also explains why it is に. Although jisho states that even as adjective, 余計 is often followed by に :woman_shrugging:

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The “aspect, facet, side” (6. Jisho definition) with the 全ての makes more sense to me, though. I don’t see why it would be her literal face when we just saw her behaving like a fierce storm by hitting Rei and walking outside the house in anger.

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I just caught up with chapter 9! Dang my heart maan :pleading_face:

Thank you Momo for being so cute though; I loved this panel so much haha


I just caught up with chapter 10 and I totally agree with you guys here!!! None of the kids are at fault at all. It doesn’t sit well with me that Rei (a kid) had to be the one to adjust, but I guess moving out was really better for him.