In addition to WK, I’ve stumbled across the manga-sensei podcast and was hoping to take advantage of some of the web content he refers to. I’ve tried to access the webpage, but other than what looks like a broken wordpress homepage, the links are pretty much broken. I also don’t see much action on the facebook or twitters. I’ve seen some queries here and there, but no real answers. Does anyone know the real status of manga-sensei? Temporarily broken or gone for good? Does anyone have within a few degrees of contact with John to find out?

Dōmo arigatō !!


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Yeah, it looks like they aren’t very active anymore. Even their last update on Patreon is getting close to a year old.

I was listening to the podcast for a while (haven’t really listened to any podcasts at all since covid) and I feel like I remember a good while back he was making podcasts all the time, then there was a month or two dry spell. He came back with an “I’m sorry, some personal stuff has been going on and I haven’t been able to give this the time I wanted, but I’m back now and will be returning to regular podcasting” (paraphrasing) And then… nothing. Lots of nothing.
He did sound like he really enjoyed doing it, and wanted to continue. So, not sure what happened. But seems like something unfortunate.

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