Making vocab flashcards from media

I’ve been working through the first Kirby novel, and am running into a few words here and there that I understand with context, and a few that I don’t understand without using a dictionary. I’m using ToriiSRS and it has an option to put in custom vocab cards, do people have any advice for how to pick which vocabulary to add to a deck if it’s not already there and which to skip? (ie, would I skip the words I can understand with context and add the ones I didn’t, or…?)

I feel like this could go in a lot of directions if the discussion gets into things like sentence cards and i+1, but from a broad beginner perspective I think it’s better to focus on common words that are reused. It’s pretty common to see words or kanji that are only used once in a specific body of text and those should probably be put off until later. IIRC Torii used the 10k as a base, so you might find that a lot of words commonly used in your book are also in Torii, but not until much later. I’m not sure if/how Torii can handle bumping up words or manually adding them to reviews.

Getting back to frequency… If you use a site like for lookups they have some frequency information in the corner. I don’t know if they detail the methodology for those numbers, but from what I’ve seen lower = more frequent. Also, I just really like this site.


screenshot of 乾杯

This site also happens to have some nice tools for specific works so check the novel search feature for some interesting stats. They have 3 Kirby books listed here with each having around 50% of words being used only once.

Of course, of the three Kirby books listed on the site, the one I came across is the hardest ^^;

That makes sense to me, thank you for the advice! I’ll probably only add a word if it’s used more than once/semi-frequently or I wonder how I didn’t know it before, in that case. I’m pretty new to learning outside a classroom setting, so I feel my vocabulary is lagging behind because classroom settings aren’t the best for learning vocab, in my opinion.

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