Making slow, but steady progress

Hello Wanikani people,

It has taken me 3 years to reach 3,000 burnt items, which I’ve just achieved.
At this rate, I’ll be older and greyer (and aged 77) when I finally get to level 60. :slight_smile:
I’m at level 29 at the moment and still enjoying the challenge of remembering the kanji.
My advice to any “seniors” starting out: do your reviews regularly; and compose your own mnemonics if the ones supplied don’t work for you.


Congrats on the burns! :smile: :partying_face: Very fun to see people of all ages on here.


Hi Joan, another senior here. I breezed along to level 6 then stopped, without putting myself on hold. When I came back to it, months later, I had nearly a thousand reviews and only half remembered the kanji. I slogged through for months, then decided to demote myself to level 2. I’m as keen as mustard again now, working up the levels and in awe of anyone at level 29. Well done!


Thanks Omun.

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Thanks Pattylane.
I like to think that I’m doing my old brain a favour by pushing it to remember the kanji. :slight_smile:


Where are you Joan? I’m in Sydney Australia.

Patricia Strauss

Hello Patricia,

I’m in Victoria, living in a small country town about 4 hours east of Melbourne.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is:



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Hi Joan,

I’m just about half your age. I just want to shake your hands. I hope my age will be as long as yours and I will still be serving the Crabigator after Idk how many times I’ll reset after I reach lvl 60 someday later. I’ve been on WK for more than a year and I’ll probably be lvl 29 next week. I admire your passion and other senior Wanikanians here. Raising my hat.



Thanks for your kind words Oshin.

Nice work! Coming regularly here for 3 years is much work.
You definitely belong to us: Team: Taking it Slow (Little progress is better than no progress!)


I like the name of our team: Taking It Slow :):slight_smile:


I just did the same but from 19 to 1

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This is awesome! As a super newbie who has decided to go the slow and steady route it gives me so much hope to hear that people are still committed to this process after years. And learning a new language is amazing for keeping our brains sharp at every age! Keep up the great work :grin::grin::grin:


Thanks, I will.

Slow and steady wins the race! :hugs:


Congratulations from another older learner. I am about to reach my second anniversary and I am just a little behind you. The only days I have completely missed were the days I was in Japan. I had around one thousand reviews waiting for me after my three week visit; it took me months to get totally back to smooth sailing. Then, with the radical reset, I fell behind again.

I agree. Reviews before lessons. Not too many lessons all at once.

I’m fifty now. We are planning to move to Japan, hopefully next year. I am building a foundation so that, with exposure, I will be able to quickly become fluent. I don’t expect fluency without natural daily exposure.


Here’s my status today. I just leveled up 1.5 days ago.

Thanks dreamerpaula. And congratulations to you too on your “slow and steady progress” as another older learner.
You should make a friend of vacation mode, so that you can pause everything when you go on holiday. It has saved my sanity many times!
Best of luck for your planned move to Japan.

I had planned to work on WK and my other programs while in Japan. By the time I realized that it wasn’t going to work that way, it seemed too late to change the settings. So, I just worked my way through!

Last night, hubby and I were watching Japanese Originator together. No English subtitles. We would pause so I could read the Japanese text on the screen. He kept commenting that most of the people being interviewed had really heavy accents… I think he needed the subtitles too!

He is Japanese, we have been married for 25 years. He doesn’t feel able to teach Japanese to the kids (20 and up), but I think we are all at a high enough level that he can now help us! I wish there had been a better opportunity for us to have learned 10-20 years ago.

Our youngest has been in Tokyo for almost two years, attending university. Our next youngest just went over for a four month internship. Our oldest is trying to get things in order so that he can go back to university in Japan next year.

All that said (long post, I know), I am no longer illiterate in Japanese! I can normally pick up a fair amount of information from a spoken conversation now. I still need speech to be seriously slowed down in order to really feel comfortable, but I am getting there.


Good to see some slower and older learners here. I am a return language learner who always struggled with Kanji 20 years ago when I was studying Japanese. Eight months into to WK and I am on level 9. I do WK first thing in the morning and for just a half hour, but am amazed at how much better this learning method works compared with the old “just write it 100 times and do flash cards” way I was doing it! It takes me as long as it takes me to get to 60. I was in Japan this summer and was very happy with my improved Kanji ability!


I’m just starting, but this is inspiring.