Making Progress on the Dashboard

I like the idea, but as others have written, it takes up way too much room.


I like the clean design overall. I think it’s definitely beneficial to tell the user “To get to level 52, you need to pass 32 kanji.” I think new users will be able to understand the leveling system a little better with this.

I like being able to view all the kanji in the level and see the exact SRS of each one. I’m not sure how beneficial that’d be past Guru though, but the visual representation for Apprentice-Guru is nifty.


As others have said it’s way too bulky.
Also, I hope there will be an option to turn off it showing progress beyond Guru I. That’s enough for me to have on the dashboard.


If you were a new user starting out do you think you can parse that information? The problem we are trying to solve is to educate the new user on how the system works. I understand if you were familiar with the system then some information can be redundant or not necessary.


It looks nice. I can see my radical and kanji level status, but can’t see vocabulary. I don’t know why? A little bit scared when I see some words which didn’t pass. Ha ha.

What about the dashboard progress plus from the same @rfindley?

It shows in a more compact way progress toward guru1. Might still be a bit hard to parse for a first time user, though.


Doesn’t the browser do it for you?

new Date(Date.parse('2019-04-07T02:20:42Z'))

This returns the date/time in my local timezone, and then I can just extract out the pieces I care about using the functions on the Date type.


Yeah, I use this and I like it so much more. My first concern was actually if this userscript will still work, haha


I agree it displays a lot of information in a compact space. But if I was a new user I wouldn’t understand what was going on with the SRS rings. It is a trade off with accessibility (this is why we include textual information along with the visual) and information density.


It also could be solved by having one column for radicals and the other for kanji.

I tend to agree that Dashboard Progress Plus isn’t as user friendly. If folks are worried about the new design being too bulky, I could see it as a collapsible UI component. Maybe by default it’s expanded for new users to see.


Maybe you should offer a “compact view” at a later date so power-users can see more information more efficiently.


Maybe for subscribed users, since one can assume they are past level 3 and thus have a bit more experience under their belt?

@viet Completely different thing, but what about the ultimate timeline? It takes just as much space as the available/in one hour/in one day bar, but provides way more informations. Again, this could be an option for users with more experience.


I think if someone wants to learn a language, they have to be smart enough. It takes half an hour to understand how WaniKani and SRS works.

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The feature isn’t the focus with this particular project.


Just wanted to add, I do agree that the particular feature can be improved on.


That’s gonna be a big oof from me, dawg.


By the way, I love that the textual info is a toggle, so that it doesn’t disappear when I click to show another one :slight_smile:

Edit: explanations for the progress bar is pretty neat too.


Yeah, I agree it’s way too bulky with little benefit over the current dashboard design. If it was my decision, a dashboard redesign would look more like Ultimate Timeline and Dashboard Progress Plus scripts. Those are compact and provide tons more info (and clearer) than the dashboard redesign.

On a visual level, the new dashboard looks more like a “Settings” page with sliders that I’m supposed to drag… not a “Progress bar”.

I also edited my scripts to include but they’re not working at all on the new dashboard. Am I doing something wrong or will this revision totally nuke all of our scripts? If so, I vote NO on this change. I don’t think it provides a real improvement over the current dashboard and it’s certainly not an improvement over what the scripts can provide (and realistically, how long will it take for someone to update the scripts, if ever?)


Every one knows level 60 members don’t have a soul.



Ah, sorry, I missed that part.
Objection withdrawn, then.