Making Progress on the Dashboard, Take 2

This is really clean and nice, thanks!

I also agree though that it would maybe be nicer to sort by progress, so unlocked ones would be first.


It looks awesome!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

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Thanks very much for this update! I cannot express how much I value you listening to us users.

I was wondering, because there are usually only few radicals, maybe it would make sense and save a bit more space if radicals and kanji would be in the same section (without the “Radicals” and “Kanji” headings)? But probably that would make things less clear for beginners, while not saving that much space in the end…?

Anyways, I love it either way!

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I’ll add my voice to the folks confused by what you mean by “lesson order.” I don’t use any kind of lesson reordering script, just vanilla WaniKani, but my locked kanji are all mixed up with unlocked kanji. I find it weird!


I like it! It’s a lot better than the previous one.

Although, the order in which the kanji and radicals are presented seems random. I saw an earlier comment saying it’s sorted by lesson order, but I don’t think that it intuitive for the majority of users. I personally would prefer them to be sorted by SRS level, and I’m sure there are many people whose order preference would be different to mine.

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Yeah, it’s so cute, haha.

And I wasn’t a fan of the first take on the dashboard, but this one is really well done. Nice!

(Although I wonder a bit whether it’s good for me SRS-wise to always see all these radicals/kanjis? I’ll probably reflexively think of meanings/readings while looking at them.)


When an item reaches guru, it gets a single full-length fully-filled progress bar.

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Ooh, very nice!
I really like the way you indicate the progress. It’s a lot more obvious/intuitive than the progress rings on the DPP script. I struggled a bit on that script with information density, but you’ve struck a really nice balance.


Oh hey, I do like this. I was all ready to hate it, but can’t.


Ah, this is much better! I was dreading the update that would make the first version official, but I think I’m actually going to start using the preview site now to get used to it :smiley:

Slightly off topic, there’s a userscript for a level-up celebrator that could do that for you - Level Up Celebrator - if you want to dive into the world of those (I personally would recommend it, it’s a lot of fun). I currently have lots of happy Pokemon dancing around for mine, but the preset cherry trees are great too! That would fix that want/need until something else comes along.


As a big critic of the first version, this one is really good! Well done! Looking forward to using it :slight_smile:

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My kanji and radical pictures are really small? is this just me?

Hmm, well, that’s not the intended rendering. :anguished: Which browser is that? We’ve got a few tweaks to make for IE 10 & 11 before it goes live…


Ah, shucks. We were generously inspired by the rings — it’s a great way to show the few steps it takes to get to guru. Thanks!


This is worlds better than the first iteration! LOVE it!

Also beginning to look similar to my userscript :] What I’d still love to see is having vocab on there (backlog and current level) since that lets you see progress in any stage of the levelup progress, but if its omitted for the sake of cleanliness, thats understandable.

Thanks for improving it!
Don't open it!
It contains grumpy honest thought of a real tsun.
Only open it if you're ready to Oshin 語!
Last warning!
You have been warned!

Q&A with @Oshin
Q: Do you like it now?
A: I don’t dislike it.
Q: Do you hate it?
A: I don’t hate it.
Q: Why?
A: No ultimate timeline like, but this one is better than the first one. And I especially appreciate Tofugu team ability to listen.
Q: Will you be happy next Tuesday when it’s really launched?
A: I won’t be unhappy. I’ll still expect something broken. Especially when it has to deal with my favourite userscripts. I just hope Flaming Durtle will always be ok when I don’t want to see desktop view when it’s really launched but broke my current desktop view.

This screenshot is not my latest dashboard. Later I may want to hide all this useless pane. And keep that new default WK bubble. I don’t know who will provide us that userscript though. cc @Pep95 no consider this as a sharing, not a request, I don’t want to disturb your life.

There, I mean I don’t want to see that “Level 32 Progress” and its graph later when it’s launched. As useless as the new hovering text when my mouse hovers on a bubble. Still I think I find rfindley’s bubble is more informative though less copywriting in human language. The blocks below each bubble, sure, of course I love that. I’m not @Redglare. I’m here to learn Japanese, not to see my username everytime my mouse hovers on each of these bubble.

This bubble hover is more informative for me. No, I’m not asking WK official team to change the current preview WK design to be like this. I’m just sharing what I think. That’s it. Never think this is my request. Now, I’m thinking of deleting this post. Why? Because if you ask me to create this design, I can’t do that. I can only be a grumpy cat. And I sleep.


it is microsoft edge? not sure how up to date though? Just on a shcool computer. Thank you for replying btw

Looks much better. Loving how I can see everything in one screen.
I really like the mini progress bar.

Just want to say good job!

Hi, I’m @Redglare, and I like being pinged. Thanks for pinging me, @Oshin.
The tiny mention of my name on the dashboard makes it feel like Crabigator is rooting for me :crabigator::sparkles:

“Redglare, the Crabigator sees that you have learned and guru’ed this kanji. Super mega good job! :durtle_noice: