Making notes?

okinawa is really good!

specially if you go to the smaller island like ishigaki and taketomi, those ones I have been.

If you like astronomy and stuff, there is an observatory in ishigaki, but you have to schedule beforehand.

Thanks for the recommendation! We’ve only been to Tokyo for 4 days previously (with one of the days being hit by a typhoon) so would love to explore more. Definitely keen to work in Kyoto though, and since Osaka is very close we can probably go to both :slight_smile: what’s your favourite thing to do in Kyoto?

I love astronomy, what an amazing recommendation! Definitely putting this on the list!

If you’ve never been there, then Fushimi Inari is definitely top of the list, in my opinion. Although mega crowded with tourists, the hike to the top of the hill among torii’s, cute little jinja’s, and small waterfalls is magical. Plus, you can ditch the crowd going back down: once you reach the top (or even I guess during the hike), there are lots of side-roads for you to get lost in.

Another place I loved, was more to the North of Kyoto, it was a temple called Sanzen-in. I went by bicycle from Demachiyanagi-station, which was nice because you go along the river for most of the way (although, it was pretty long, and going back I was super tired ^^’ there are also buses). It’s a buddhist temple with a beautiful park filled with little stone statues. Quite another magical experience :grin:

Oh, there’s also the Katsura imperial villa, in Katsura (in the Western Kyoto suburbs, not far from Arashiyama, which is also worth a visit, with its wooden bridge, its famous bamboo forest…), which you can visit for free (!) by registering beforehand. One of those Japanese gardens that took a lot of landscaping effort to create, with quaint little tea houses along the gardens…

Of course even if you stay downtown, there are so many temple that are worth visiting, plus lots of good restaurants and bars.

I’m going to stop rambling now, before this message gets too long haha :blush:

Wow, thanks so much! So many amazing recommendations that I will definitely check out :smiley: I think we will spend a few days in Kyoto as if there is quite a lot of walking, it will be nice to take our time in July which will be super hot. So excited to properly explore the country…3 weeks just isn’t long enough!

You’re welcome :grin: I hope you get to have a fantastic time there!

I hear you, the first trip I did rhere we only stayed in Kyoto for 2 days. Frustration was involved haha

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kyoto for me was minimum 5 days, because I include here going to amanohashidate

for me one of the best places to visit in japan!

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