Make the most out of Netflix for your Japanese learning

@musera How much do you pay for the smart DNS? Do you maintain both Netflix accounts?

I only need the one account, netflix will go to whichever country version based on your ip and not your account. As for how much I par, I think it’s about USD$5 per month, really not much and I believe it is totally worth it. I haven’t thought about it for a while but I believe the one I use is called overplay.

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Huh, that’s really interesting, I’ve always thought there was no way to change the region unless you create a new account there. Before Netflix banned most VPNs, I would only be able to access Netflix Canada from abroad.

Marvelous post. Many thanks.

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Thanks for reading it! :blush:

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Indeed, Netflix has become in a great tool for japanese learners.
One of the main issues I had for making Subs2SRS decks for sentence mining was the difficulty to get japanese subs.

Then this came :star_struck: , and subs from Netflix are a reality. If you add a VPN and get into Japanese Netflix you have a tremendous selection of shows. There are some great additions to the regular japanese content in Japanese Netflix, currently watching Wakako Zake… it’s great!!!

This is definitely true. A couple of years ago, I signed up for Japanese Netflix, and was pleased with how much material was available. They even billed my credit card monthly in Yen. But eventually they caught up with me and re-categorized me as US.

Totally gonna try this today.

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This is my first post on WaniKani Community. Everything seems to be in English. Is it ok to post in Japanese?

Awesome! Let me know how it goes!

Yes , you can definitely post in Japanese! Go right ahead.

There’s a Japanese only subsection in the “Japanese Language” category if you want more reading practice and to engage in more back and forth in 日本語 !

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Is there any way to tell which have been dubbed in Japanese other than by starting to play them? I changed my language to Japanese and I’ve opened several titles and they are all in English. If there is no obvious way, then perhaps we could create a list here of those that have been dubbed.

The newer Netflix Originals mostly have them. Otherwise, what I do is scroll on them and let it play the small preview that lasts a couple seconds. I watch it on PS4, not exactly sure how the previews work on other devices. Maybe I could try to put up a list of shows that I know have the audio?

Wow, noted! Will have to try this out.

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Thank you for mentioning this! I have a user on my parents’ netflix account, and now I can watch Japanese-dubbed shows without having to get another account. This is awesome! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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I actually made a profile named 日本 after reading this… and the first show that came to my mind is 13 reasons why… unfortunateky the subs isn’t that good.

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this isn’t true. i use softether to access japanese content from the us (on both youtube & netflix) and it works fine. can be a little slow at times, but generally if you find a good connection you’ll be able to watch things with no problem. it’s available on mobile as well, and is completely free. i would mention softether probably isn’t the best choice for the privacy concerned since i believe anyone can run the vpn servers, since it’s basically an experiment(?) if anyone else uses it and is more tech savvy than i am, they can probably explain it better.

netflix also doesn’t forbid vpn usage, they just don’t recommend it (stating that the connection might cause bad playback, which, granted, can be true occasionally), so there’s no need to pay.

anyway if you want the most variety of japanese content and more actual japanese shows, i recommend this way, it doesn’t take much more set up. after i left japan i missed the variety of japanese netflix compared to us netflix so much i had to find a way to get it back, haha.

Nope, I live in Japan and can tragically no longer access Canadian Netflix, while my leech/mother can watch all the shows she wants. Excuse me while I go cry a moment… They changed it a few years back so it automatically swaps you to whatever region you’re physically located in regardless of your account origin.

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I just tried setting up SmartDNS. In chat box with tech support was told they aren’t currently supporting Netflix outside US. Netflix is actively shutting things down

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You’re a genius! I’ll be using this “trick” for my French as well! Thanks a bunch!

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