Make my own kanji story “dictionary” app

I’m on level 10 now, and it’s been helping me to make up extra stories for kanji and vocab that I forget. The only trouble is that now I have so many pages of stories, if I forget one of those, I can’t find it to review it. I do most of my studying on my phone. Is there an iPhone app that lets you build your own unique “dictionary” and look stuff up with an alphabetical search? I would list them by romanized spelling, such as “kyuujin” for “help wanted”, and then I want to write in my notes and be able to find them later by searching for “kyuujin”.

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How about Anki?

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Maybe Evernote or some other note taking app? You can search for anything that is written in there, you have to add the search terms yourself of course.

Thanks, Joshua. I’ve been working on that but it’s a bit complex. Will try Evernote too.

I use Anki for actual SRS study but … it’s also become my go-to searchable dictionary as well.

You could download a prebuilt kanji deck and then just add a field for your stories?


I use Anki for actual SRS study

What WK level would be a good time to include Anki?

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There’s never really one answer for that, since everyone has different amounts of time, energy and levels of Japanese experience.

Personally, I always feel like the right time to expand JP studies is “when you can.” Over the past 15 months, I started and stopped several additions to learning. They were important, but I couldn’t maintain it all at that time, so I check periodically about what can / should be altered or expanded upon in my routine.

Experiment. :+1: It can never hurt to try as long as you remain flexible and honest with yourself. Are you learning and retaining, or going through the motions of slogging through a mountain of work? Tweak freely as needed. ^^

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WaniKani is an SRS system of its own … no need for you to also use Anki, at least not for kanji.

I’m just an Anki addict.

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