Make comfortable lessons by looking at next level's kanji BEFORE levelling up then use Self-Study Quiz straight after lessons

I always find that that 30 mins or so of embedding new level kanji mnemonics mentally exhausting and am often too drained to study anything else afterwards - sound familiar?

What I’ve been doing to overcome that malaise is a few hours before levelling up, finding a couple of minutes here and there to look up each of the next level’s kanji, thus making the upcoming lessons less intense.

Straight after those new level lessons I’m also using ‘Self-Study Quiz’ filtering to just the current level’s items because I find the mini quizzes during lessons are an immediate memory fulfiller but don’t cement for 4 hours (for me anyway).

Here’s how I’m doing these 2 things:

Pre-level up kanji look up

  1. Click ‘Levels’ and choose your next level
  2. Visit each kanji when you get a minute or two free
  3. Read the meanings, readings and mnemonics leisurely
  4. When lesson time comes around, items are already quite familiar!

After lessons Self-Study Quiz

  1. Open self-study quiz
  2. Click settings and set ‘Level’ to your current level
  3. Quiz yourself on the items you just learned
  4. Things should stick better for the 4 hour interval!

Very good advice! I have used a similar procedure.

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Great! That’s good to hear - it yields a less ‘spikey’ learning flow, doesn’t it :smiley:

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I have done SRS for decades, in different manifestations. I like more repetition, to get a nice flow. The self study quiz provides that. :slight_smile:


Exactly! Although the 4, 8, 24 intervals work, if you can get more reps in, it’s only going to help😊

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