Make Anki habit fun/easy: make a WK notification?

Yo yo people!

I’m having some troubles. sad face

Need to learn more stuffz, but the Anki won’t stick.

I am on WK all the day but switching to the Anki is poop.

Thinking of making a notification on WK
to remind me of the Anki reviews
or even integrate it with Ultimate Timeline script.

What do you think? Who is with me, yo?

Because why man up and just do it if I can spend hours
and hours writing some code that makes it easier for me, eh.

Write extensive code instead of starting to use Anki daily? Reminders I understand, but integration of Anki DB (or anki web?) into the timeline script seems crazy. Use a daily checklist and form those habits instead. Look into Anki templates as well (There are threads here, have a search).

Kaimera said...(There are threads here, have a search).

If only the search bar would work eh? 

It broke? From my browser history I still have this: /t/AnkiWaniKani-20/9751

Whenever I try to use the search bar, it’s broken for me lately, it’s awful…

I can’t seem to get into Anki but I blame myself the most. Tho if you wanna do it, go for it. Sounds like an interesting challenge lol.