Made up Kanji in games? (Example for "Watakushi")

Did they actually change the right part to a triangle, slapped Furigana on it and defined this as their Kanji for “Watakushi”? I could not find anything about that one…

I would suggest it is an issue of font rather than made up kanji, but it does look odd.


The game does not use Furigana elsewhere, though and the other Kanji seemed pretty normal to me.

It’s just this one character who uses this one…

The only thing I can think of is that that particular kanji does have different readings, and perhaps the others only have one reading within the given context.

What’s the game?

I believe this is just a weird font thing. As for why it’s the only kanji the has furigana, it’s because 私 can be read as either わたくし or わたし, but the game wanted to specify that the character is using the わたくしversion, which carries a different nuance than the standard reading.


It’s Utwarerumono Mask of Truth.
The video where I found this is this one: [PS4] Utawarerumono Futari No Hakuoro (Mask of Truth) 1st Hour Play - YouTube

(It’s the opening of the final part of a trilogy, though, so that might be a bit spoilery, if you want to play it some time).

Yeah, people would read this as わたし if it had no furigana.


Although the Kanji looks super weird to me and I’ve never seen it looking anything like that, that might be it.

For example they also use Furigana on 主 because one pair of characters says that as “aruji” (which is uncommon, I guess?).

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Yeah, uncommon kanji usually get the furigana treatment as well. I think 主 (あるじ) is usually written in kana, which is why they probably added the furigana!

I believe わたくし has a formal and self-diminishing tone. I think Blathers in Animal Crossing uses it, if you’re familiar with his character, that makes sense.

The Wani Kani podcast also has an episode where they discuss it, I think the example they gave was if a celebrity were giving a formal apology, they would likely use わたくし when referring to themselves.

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