Made to to lvl 60

This is going to be a short one, not much of a monologue fan. Also don’t know how to capture WaniKani stats been looking for those can’t seem to find it.

Anyway it’s been incredible - through the entire journey I was always astounded at how much more text was becoming accessible to me along the way. One critique i would like to give is that some English translation on some phrase/nouns or verbs are not correct or written so it confuses non native English speaker and had to to use sites like and to fully understand the meaning behind that word. There are instances where some words i feel like should be replaced with some more useful word instead. Explanation feel somewhat shallow and like i said don’t really help you grasp the true meaning or help you solidify your knowledge.
I would wish if they would allow us to use custom made definitions and use them as an answer instead forcing learner to use what the site tell you to use. Another point to add is frequent updates and addition content that would be great. Just look at BunPro in couple of month they will be adding new content like dialects and N0 grammar that are not covered in N5-N1 textbooks. Kinda wish WaniKani would do something like that.

Anyway if you are reading this it means i’ve done with all of the old and new reviews and since this site has nothing else to offer me i will be moving on reading light novels and getting new vocab from there.
Will be cancelling my sub in couple of days.


First off, おめでとうございます!
Make sure you get yourself some cake

And also for your stats has them, you have to input your API token and you’ll see them.

I would wish if they would allow us to use custom made definitions

You can add synonyms actually


Great work getting to lv 60! Time to celebrate!


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Sadly they don’t count as an answer.

They do though. :eyes:

In the upper levels, I used in some cases Swedish definitions, for plants and anatomy mostly. Works fine.

Well, unless a synonym is actually blocklisted by WK. Then you’re out of luck. It’s simply wrong.


Congratulations on reaching level 60. :grin:

They announce their content updates weekly in the content update section of the forum. They’re mostly updates to definitions, but just last year they added new kanji and vocab to the platform while removing some of the more obscure vocab. They update the content quite often :grin:


Isn’t BunPro also an incomplete platform, that was launched long before all content was available for higher level grammar. WK actually got it sorted before you joined the platform, which should be said to be much better. Not to mention, they do add content and constantly update the existing content weekly, as @BIsTheAnswer said.