Made a lil kanji game

I was bored so I spent a few days making a game for drilling similar kanji (an issue I’ve been having lately during reading)

It comes with a predefined list of “similar kanji” and a list of definitions, but users can freely change those text files to meet their needs. It also lets you set your WK level so you don’t see kanji you shouldn’t know yet. More details in the readme:

Screenshots (thanks @Anilusion )

Sharing in case others may enjoy it :slight_smile:

p.s. I know the code is a mess but its my day off so don’t yell at me :wink:


Seems cool, but it would really help to see some screenshots of how it looks too. Also you might want to consider creating an executable for the game, as most people probably don’t want to go through the trouble of installing Love2D. It’s very simple to do, you can read about it here: Game Distribution - LOVE


Yeah I can add some screen shots. As for distribution (I’m aware of how to do it with love2d), I cover why I don’t do that in the readme, everyone has different kanji they mix up, so its easier to leave it open so they can just edit the input files to suit their needs

Maybe you could just create a config file with some presets kanji and have the user modify that config (by using a file editor or directly in-game)

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oh for sure. this was just a fun thing I threw together in a few days, if I had more time to dedicate this would be a great direction to take :slight_smile:

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