What is this MacDurtver badge I just earned?


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You made a comment in the thread about the content update.


Also, you have the hairstyle.

So I get a ‘badge’ for that?

It’s been a trend lately that when WaniKani staff make an announcement they’ll have badges for people who participate in the discussion about those announcements.

Wow, they weren’t kidding when addressing us as ‘children.’ How old are we?

According to a poll, we average age 27. ^^


Remember, 子供 = child + servant

I stopped giving a shit about stickers and stuff when I was like 6…

I’m sure they’d be happy to take your badge away if you ask them to.


Oh! Can I have your stickers? Pretty pleeeeze?

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The boy doth protest too much.


Isn’t it just kinda fun to earn things tho? ^^
It’s the same thing as earning achievements in video games

Also I very much enjoyed the stickers but I’m also not an adult so maybe that answers your question

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It is. ^^

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I like it when people assume things that aren’t true by means of projecting how they think and behave onto others.

Merely asking what the badge is for and saying I think it is childish doesn’t equate to throwing a tantrum.

Have a nice day.


Yeah, I hardly game, but when I do, I don’t care at all about achievements or whatever.

lOllllllllll you might be correct there Gilas.

I see :thinking:
I don’t really game either, I just thought it was an easy example ^^
That’s basically what the badges are though. They are just things you can earn by participating in the Wanikani forums for fun :slight_smile:

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You? Throw a tantrum? Noo, never.

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