Looks like it took 22-23hr to update, but good to know haha.

Level 59…so close…



Good luck~ :))

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Thank you~ I’ll do my best.


You’re really going up through the levels as well, I remember you joining and it seems like all of a sudden you’re in the 40’s.

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Wow, just wow!

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I finally made it, level 60! First one from team 木星 as well.



Hi! I decided to join my first goal thread to help me have a set goal to become my motivation for studying (besides having to make my WK subscription worth it :roll_eyes:). I decided to join team 金星 because V in Venus is the first letter of my name. I set a reasonable goal for me to reach with my pace now after doing some quick maths, and I might increase my goal as the time goes by, so for now I hope I can reach the goal I’ve set!

WaniKani has been awesome so far and the community is one of the best I’ve encountered on the internet, and this thread is really a proof of that :smiley:


Welcome to the Luminaries


Best of luck with reaching your goal :blush:

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This sounds interesting, count me in! I’d like to join team 地球 because it’s Home Sweet Home~

My goal is to be at least level 25 by the lunar eclipse. Thanks for the encouragement!


Sounds like a reasonable goal! Good luck!

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I had made good progress at a speed I was comfortable with for the first 5 months, but I had to stop entirely for the last 4-5 months due to work… I’m back now but feel like it’s very unlikely I’ll keep up with this goal. Which is OK! I’m very happy to be learning more again. So I will keep my name on here until it’s too late.