Luigi's Mansion JLPT Level

I’ve acquired the Japanese version of Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo Gamecube and found I had a lot of trouble in trying to read the text in it. What JLPT level do you guys think you would put Luigi’s Mansion under?

Anything lower than N1 would be quite restrictive. N2 is only about 1000 kanji, and children learn more than that in elementary school.

But I haven’t personally played that game. Just speaking based on what I know about JLPT.

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Ok thanks. I noticed it only uses a handful of kanji, so a lot of its reading difficulty comes from grammatical structures that I only vaguely recognize from my Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese book that I’ve only skimmed, plus some that I’ve never seen before.

Since games and other forms of entertainment and media are rarely created with learners in mind, the JLPT (or any other assessments for that matter) aren’t good predictors about whether you can successfully navigate such things. What I’m saying is that if you have the patience to go through the game learning new vocabulary and grammar along the way, you’re likely to acquire more than individuals studying specifically to pass such exams. Obviously, there’s a limit to when one is in over their head, many people push their limits to get through games and such.


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