Low-Contrast Colors

Hello! I want to say first of all that I might be missing a setting somewhere, so if that is the case please let me know and I’m sorry!

I also want to pre-empt my question by saying - I don’t know the science behind this and I can’t really describe anything further than what I’m writing here lol so please bear with me.

I’ve started developing horrible screen-migraines when using WK and I thought it was maybe the whole blue light thing, but I wear blue light glasses and I still get WK migraines. I also thought maybe it was the repetitive eye movement I was doing when answering tons of reviews/lessons at a time. I make my screen brightness very low, I draw out the time I take to do every answer and look at my keyboard while I type, but without fail I am developing a migraine every time I do WaniKani.

However - I was determined to find out the cause because no other website does this to me, and I realized that I would feel a migraine brewing as soon as the bright magenta/hot pink kanji banner would come up, and sure enough my radical/vocab lessons don’t cause any of the issues that kanji lessons do.

I know that many websites have this option available and there might already be a setting somewhere here, but is there the possibility for a low-contrast color setting to be added to WK? Maybe a switch that just mutes the bright blue/purple/magenta banner colors slightly just to bring down their (I hesitate to say ‘brightness’ because I’m not entirely sure that brightness is the issue) overall contrast between the extreme color and the white kanji? Maybe like a “Low Contrast Mode” where every color is just a little bit less saturated for anyone who needs the setting?

I hope this doesn’t sound insane lol I swear I don’t have issues on any other website but no other websites really have high-contrast colors like WaniKani. Anyway, I hope you will consider it. I really love this platform and I hope to continue learning (without intermittent brain pain)


@Mods Did this ever get fixed?

Perhaps changing the theme of the website could help.


Isn’t the other thread that was about color contrast complaining about the text being too low contrast? This one is about the overall site being too high contrast.


You’re right. I got my wires crossed when reading.

You might want to search the forum for some dark mode workarounds – I don’t know enough about them to link to any one in particular, but seems like there are a few options.

This just changed my life omg!!! Thank you!!

(Although I do still think adding a way to change the banner colors to be lower contrast in-lesson and in-review is important for the site)


Being able to mute the color is instantaneously a huge difference on straining my eyes, just want to say thank you again.

I also want to mention that the original banner color is so high contrast that my computer automatically mutes it slightly when I take a screenshot lol:


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