Love the changes that have been made over the years

Long story short: I reached level 60 about 4 years ago, and recently started over from the beginning for practice.

I LOVE the “Review Forecast” feature, I would’ve killed for that back then :sob:

And although I haven’t used it yet, I like seeing the “Extra Study” feature there. The ability to practice “recent mistakes” and ESPECIALLY to be able to practice “burned” items is something I’m looking forward to.

Awesome to see the big quality-of-life improvements that have been made over the years, while still keeping the simple and straightforward approach that I love about the site. It would be easy to turn it into a bloated mess like some other language apps, so I appreciate this balance.


They took away the summary pages. Lol


I never looked at them, so that doesn’t bother me personally, but that is kind of odd

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The review forecast is for sure mightily useful, although I prefer the one from Smouldering Durtles that breaks down what SRS tier and level up items are coming up. It’s not the same to have 40 Apprentice reviews or 40 Burn reviews coming up…

I also wish there were more stats in general, especially about past reviews and general performance. You used to be able to do that with third party tools but without the API review they’re now useless. I think it would be cool if WK provided basic stats like “number of reviews per day” as well as accuracy metrics.


I agree, wanikani has improved massively in the last few years in general, and in the last few months in particular. I wish I were starting now, I’d have a much better experience than I did when I started a few years ago.

I always just kinda knew my average anyway, like I think I was doing 150-200 reviews per day, and 15 lessons a day. I remember after reaching level 60 how much of a relief it was watching my number of reviews per day go all the way down to like 70 a day before I stopped :sweat_smile:

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I’m doing close to full speed so far and I feel like I’m getting worse at it (as in, I get more reviews due to mistakes), but I don’t know if I just feel that way or if it’s true.

At any rate I intend to slow down when I hit 40, so that’ll be a moot point soon enough, I hope…

I recommend slowing down. The reason I started over is because I really didn’t retain a lot of the stuff past level 30, I was too caught up in the mentality of just trying to reach level 60, when I should’ve been focused on learning.


Yeah I’m definitely getting there, hence why I intend to slow down soon and spend more time reading. There are still a few super useful kanji in the high 30’s which is why I decided to still keep pushing, but there’s also a lot of less immediately useful material. That’s the issue with not being able to pick and chose what to learn…

I finally reached 戻る yesterday, which is a word I see all the time!

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That makes sense. Yea I do remember there being some odd ones that seemed important but weren’t taught until the super late levels.

Taking notes, taking notes :grin:


For me they are important metrics because if I see that my review count is going up and/or my accuracy is going down, it probably means that I need to slow down.

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I feel like some of it would be duplicating Anki’s functionality, but a general trajectory of one’s accuracy is definitely useful.

Also, daily review caps.