Lost in translation

Hi everyone!

I’m a beginner in Japanese so please don’t be too strict))
But could please anyone be so kind to help me with one question.

I was reading (well, trying to decipher))) an article on NHK easy webpage, and there stood:
I may be stupid but I don’t understand what is meant under a typhoon’s number?

Thanks in advance.

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Simply that, it’s the typhoon number 21

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Instead of giving the typhoons a name (like Jebi) they are just numbered in Japan, and the numbers start from 1 each year.


If you hear Typhoon Jebi in western media, you can disregard that when it comes to news within Japan. The Pacific typhoons all get named with things that come from a list across all the Pacific countries, and Japan just uses the numbered order instead.

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Thanks a lot!

That’s it. I suspected that it might be the number, but I didn’t know from what point they start to count. Now I know that counting is renewed every year. Great, thank you so much!

It’s not all that different from how Atlantic hurricanes start from names that begin with A every year and the names go in order from there.

Looking at the list, the next time a storm forms it’ll be Helene.


thanks! I just live in a region where there are no typhoons or hurricanes, so that system is new for me. I heard many hurricanes’ names but did not know the system of this naming.
Thanks a lot!

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