Looking for translators to sub videos by とある男が授業をしてみた

some people are saying that this is really a really good resource and I’m wondering if we could do a community effort things of adding english subtitles to these videos

Edit I think we can use a website like flow feedback or queue to pick specific part of the video and add a text on the side. This way we can reference these quickly

Or insights.gg


Well, YouTube recently killed the community subtitles feature, so I’m not sure how we’d get around this.


I think the best way is to in a txt file, translate one sentence new line, one sentence,
and maybe add a marker for every minute just to keep track.

or there is one resource where you can commentate the video on the side and it even pauses the video for you. I forgot what it’s called, I’ll ask around. it’s a really neat tool because competitive players use this to analyze their own matches

Sorry if I came off as unclear, what I mean is how we would actually send the file to the uploader. Before, it was easy, but now Google took away the ability to contribute subtitles to a video.
I guess we would have to send the subtitles in manually to the uploader, then he would have to manually add it to each video. That be a risky move on his end if he can’t speak English, since he could end up approving false or broken subtitles by mistake…

Welcome to the WK community, by the way! I somehow missed that this was your first post! :sweat_smile:

It’s called flow feed back or queue

Ah, my mistake! I was somehow under the impression that we’d subbing the videos via Community Contributions, which confused me since Google disabled that feature.
Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the time for this project, but it sounds like a good idea!

Reckon when it comes to a YouTuber, we’d definitely want to ask permission first. And then while we’re doing that, we can send them to him to add them to the actual videos. Win-win.

I’m intrigued. My listening ability sucks, though.

Not seeing an issue here.

That would be our job to get it right.

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Yeah, post haste tho xd

Sorry, come again?

nvm, well, how do we start? I don’t think we really need permission given the fact we are only translating and not making changes to anything

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