Looking for specific Japanese Discord server/post with link to server

First of all, I don’t know if I’ve put this in the right place, so sorry if this belongs in campfire rather than Japanese language.

Okay so. A week or two ago, I was looking at this post. Remember absolutely nothing about it, except for the fact that either the post or a comment near the top had info on a discord server. There was then another reply to that which said something along the lines of ‘oh I didn’t expect to see that discord server here’, obviously being a part of it. They then went on to explain it more I think.

EDIT: I REMEMBER SOMETHING ELSE. They also said that in their Discord server they picked Japanese visual novels to read and discuss together, I think. Probably why I was so interested in joining it haha

I just remember being really interested in what they said, but I was dumb and didn’t bookmark the page lol.

This is really vague, I know, and it’s likely nobody will know what I’m talking about haha. Don’t worry about it. Any other Discord server recommendations would be good too, if you don’t know which one I’m talking about!

I think I’ve seen the Discord you’re referring to. (Saw a link to it on reddit a while back.)

Looking it over, it appears they share VN’s, manga, etc. so people can access them without paying the content creators. If that’s the one you saw mentioned else, I don’t expect anyone’ll post a link to it for that reason.

It’s possible there’s another Discord channel that goes over VN’s, though.

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Oh, thank you! Not sure if that’s the one I’m looking for though. I don’t think they said anything about that, just that they would go off and read the Japanese visual novel, and then all come back and discuss it. I kinda took it as a group learning thing with visual novels, but I may have been wrong

Thank you very much for responding anyway!

I should mention, that’s exactly what the Discord I know of does. It’s just they also seem to freely share downloads so everyone can get the VN without paying for it, possibly to maximize the number of people reading along and discussing. (It’s a Discord with “Moe” in the name.)

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Ah okay. Maybe that is the one I’m looking for then. Perhaps it got deleted, and that’s why I couldn’t find it. Thank you!

Edit: I found it! Thank you so much. Doesn’t say anything about the sharing content so that people can access them without paying the creators in the description, but I suppose I’ll see what’s up with that when I join. Thank you again for helping me!

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