Looking for resources, post year 1 of study (lvl-9)

Dear Wankini Community,

I am in need of resources to help me learn Japanese. About me: I started my studies around a year ago, I’ve completed Human Japanese (a basic book on Japanese grammar), and I’m currently at level 9 in Wanikani.

I’m wondering what my best option is to start to re-enforce and integrate the vocabulary and grammar I’ve learned. I was thinking of finding some books or resources that use the N5 vocabulary?

I remember vaguely hearing about a sort of diary that has a bunch of daily tasks? and JapanesePod?

Added note: I will be travelling to japan in a year to focus on my Japanese studies, as I will be commencing research in Japan in 2 years. My long term goal is to find a medium of study that can replace my leisure activities, and I can comfortably engage with for 2-3 hours a day.


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Hi! Are you aiming to take the JLPT test? If so, there are plenty of materials geared towards test preparation, such as the Kanzen Master series.

I haven’t heard of anything like this, but it does sound intriguing…

could be https://www.japanesepod101.com/

There are tons of resources listed in this thread: The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!, so you could just try out some different stuff to see what clicks with your learning style and goals.

Good luck on the next stage of your learning journey! :+1:


Have you looked into the book clubs? The absolute beginner club would be just right for you.

Have you done Human Japanese intermediate the followup to Human Japanese. If you did why not check the Japanese from Zero videoseries which is the Japanese from Zero bookseries in av videoformat teached by the author of the books on his channel

Thanks guys!

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