Looking for PDF from ★ Grammar Guide #Worksheet ★ thread

I just stumbled upon the ★ Grammar Guide #Worksheet ★ thread and noticed that the PDFs of that thread aren’t available anymore.
Does anyone still have them?
if possible please send them to me or make them available for downloading again.

Edit: @GreenWarrior if you still got the PDFs could you please make Dropbox or something similar. I appreciate the work you put together. thank you.

thank you

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Maybe @GreenWarrior is still around?

all of his posts are from more than 2 years ago unfortunately. so I can’t comment on them since they’re dead…

With the @ mention GreenWarrior will receive a WK notification and maybe even an email. The profile says “last seen March 6”, so maybe they will catch up eventually. Or you are lucky and someone who downloaded it is still around, but GreenWarrior is your best chance :slight_smile:

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you have a point. thanks for pointing that out. haven’t thought about it. :smile:

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