[Looking for Nominations!] Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Now Reading: 地球星人)

As soon as possible??

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I think the max number of votes should be half of the books the are nominated. In other words, if there are 10 nominees, then only 5 votes.


What’s the rush? If you’re worried about ordering stuff together, anything picked by the beginner book club should be easy enough to catch up on if you end up getting that book a week or two late.

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I cant read names either, but my proper nouns anki deck says the most common reading (95%) for 裕司 is ゆうじ. It can very rarely (5%) also be read ひろし. So, I’d wager it is Yuuji.

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I don’t know if I was the person you meant to tag, but :+1: for Python scripting!

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I was also thinking about writing some code for the ratings calculations. What about a userscript that would do that?


There’s an interesting thought for a possible IJBC nomination…

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I meant to do that but I never got around to it.

Perhaps that would be more suited for an Advanced Japanese Book Club :stuck_out_tongue:


Hard pass for me. I have no interest in reading a non-Japanese book translated into Japanese.


@seanblue I’ve done a quick trial of a drop-down format alternative for the nominations in the OP. As you’re the one with the most experience editing the nominations, do you think this would be an improvement?

Probably should remove the table if it’s just a single entry. It looks a bit weird as is.

I’ve altered the Kino’s Journey one - is that sort of what you meant?

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I like the single drop-down format! This way I can fold away books I do not want to vote for and I can more easily compare the remaining ones. :+1:


I don’t know what you think about translations, but for Chinese this book is often recommended as an easy first read: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/活きる
All books by this author are very good and the language he uses is quite simple.

Looks great!

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Gah! I saw a cat that wasn’t @Belthazar and thought it was you. Sorry :sob:

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So, apparently the stuff I like or want to read is too hard for the beginner club, but I’m not near the intermediate club level. If a manga wins here, I’ll probably give it a try, but it doesn’t seem too likely.

I also have the same mental block when it comes to Japanese books, weird because I don’t really experience it in class lectures and stuff.

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Is this a series where each book is unrelated? Because the Amazon link you posted goes to book 7 in the series.

The site that I got the book from said The books can be read stand alone and are loosely connected.
“Suspense and comedy can be a difficult combination to pull off well in a novel, but the 悪夢 (Nightmare) series does it brilliantly. Each novel is read stand alone (with a very loose connection to each other), where the protagonists are constantly drawn into a series of suspenseful, mysterious, and comedic adventures.”

I don’t think the book I picked is the first one if you guys still want to read them in chronological order, sorry about that.