[Looking for Nominations!] Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Now Reading: 地球星人)

This anime was in fact how I learnt to avoid all those DVDs from Malaysia :joy: they say they have English subtitles, but I worry for whoever translated them…


Most productive dab in history.


Does someone need to throw up Wolf Children again?

@NicoleRauch already took care of it.


I put it up so early that it probably got a bit swept away by all the other cool nominations though… Is there a list in the OP yet where I can add it?

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I can create the table if you give me a minute.

Also, do you guys anticipate continuing to use the Discord server in future?

魔法少女育成計画 (Magical Girl Raising Project)




The translation from the English version of the book seems pretty accurate and it’s certainly better than I could translate myself.


The hit social network game ‘The Magical Girl Raising Project’ selects one out of every tens of thousands of players to become a real life magical girl. The lucky chosen girls gain magic powers as well as incredibly good fortune, and spend their days blissfully. But one day, an absolute announcement declares that the number of magical girls has risen too high and must be cut down to half. Sixteen young maidens are thrust into a merciless, deadly contest to survive…but how many will come out the other side?


Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/479668039X/
There doesn’t seem to be an ebook version even though it’s a recently published book…

Personal Opinion

Magical girls + battle royale sounds pretty awesome to me. I watched the anime adaption, which was entertaining, and supposedly the light novel is much better.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Interesting premise.
  • It’s a good length at 284 pages.


  • Perhaps too violent for some.


I don’t have a copy of the book yet and the lack of ebook version makes it hard to get pictures that aren’t blurry. However, there is a preview on the Amazon page linked to above. The prologue is four pages long, but make sure to check out the beginning of the first chapter too because I remember the prologue being deceptively easy.

Difficulty Poll

How much effort would you need to read this book?

  • No effort at all
  • Minimal effort
  • Just right
  • Challenging
  • Impossible, even with everyone’s help
  • I don’t know (please click this if you’re not voting seriously)

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Let me know when you’re done. I want to add a bit to the nomination template and don’t want our changes to conflict.

I think I’d be too nervous. :grimacing:

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Hey there :slight_smile: I’m new here and I’d love to join if this book club becomes active again. I’ve read Japanese essays and short story collections before but no full-length books.

I have a discord account but I honestly never use it so I don’t think I’d be online much…

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Table is done, though I assume we’ll want to hide it once more nominations are added. I populated it with Kino’s Journey from the Beginners’ table as a starter, but updated the link to point to @neicul’s post, so the synopsis might be a bit different.

Personally I’d encourage people to keep the descriptions in the table short and sweet :wink:

I also wonder whether making each entry a separate collapsed line would work better than one table…


Has magical girls

It’s Sean approved

Why? Did you guys use to voice chat or something? xD


I-I don’t want to watch magical girls kill each other for no reason!

Also if they aren’t selected by animals and don’t defend the world from aliens/demons/spirits are they really magical girls tho


The OP says the Discord was “just used for occasional voice chats”.

Also, I’m happy to add the rest of the nominations to the OP, but they might not all get done this evening.

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I’ll be seriously struggling to decide once the times comes.

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I personally also want to vote for pretty much everything, but I’m guessing I won’t actually be able to do that! Though I guess voting for nothing would have the same result…

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It might. Editing the table in beginner book club is such a pain because there’s so much information.

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I think there’s a limited amount of votes you can give… guess I’ll just use all of those xD

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In beginner book club we used to allow unlimited votes, but since now I wanted to start eliminating unpopular nominees I limited it to 8. Keep in mind that the maximum number of poll options is 20. What should we do here?

  • 1 vote
  • 3 votes
  • 5 votes
  • 8 votes
  • 10 votes
  • More than 10 votes (but not unlimited)
  • Unlimited votes

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The average number of votes per person in the current beginner poll is 4, so…!

I don’t have any preference. It’s really nice to have activity back here again.

I think it was 3 pages a day. So not much more. I just read other things concurrently to make up the time.