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Author: 梨木なしき香歩かほ
Page count: 226 (Bookwalker says 177)
Natively: 西の魔女が死んだ | L27





English (tl by me)

Mai, a girl who just couldn’t bring herself to go to her new school, spent a month or so under the care of her favourite grandmother—secretly the Witch of the West—as the seasons changed to summer. During her stay Mai undergoes training to be a witch. But her training is not quite what she expected…The Witch has her learn that she must decide things for herself, and take her happiness into her own hands.


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Personal Opinion

This was my first (non-manga) book that I actually managed to finish. I think the biggest reason for this was that it is really easy to follow what is going on, even if you don’t understand (or want to bother looking up) all the words. It’s a sweet story basically about a girl hanging out with her grandma in the countryside who turns out to be a witch. Somewhat Ghibli vibes. I’m eager to give it another read.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Easy to follow (written for a younger audience?)
  • Good amount of furigana; all the difficult words have, but not so much that you don’t get to practice your kanji reading knowledge
  • Has at least one recommendation to the book club from another WK member! [2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge - #975 by NathaLire
  • 新潮文庫 best 文庫


  • Not very eventful story (but not uninteresting! idk, some may find it boring)


First Three Pages of Chapter One

16 pages can be read on Bookwalker’s 試し読み

Additional Pages

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