[Looking for nominations!] Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: セーラー服と機関銃

And my second proposal is a manga. I am not quite sure if it goes into BBC or IBC, my personal evaluation is still IBC. The reason is that the book contains not only the narration, but also comments and quizzes which take its difficulty to another level. However, if the majority evaluates it as BBC, I will move the proposal to their thread.




Taken from Amazon
日本語って こんなふうに なってたのか!? 思わず「ほ~っ!」の 日本語、再発見コミックエッセイ 登場! 日本語学校に集まるマジメな外国人生徒たち。 そんな彼らの、外国人ならではの日本語の使い方やギモンの数々は、私たち日本人も知らなかった日本語の一面を教えてくれます。


In my own words
This is a story told by a person who teaches Japanese as a foreign language to adults. Her students coming from all over the world are super passionate about Japan and its language which brings a ton of braintwisting questions and a handful of facepalming situations, when you are torn between crying and laughing. Along with the story the book naturally brings up and explains small nuances of Japanese language which do not lose a true textbook.


eBook on BookLive. I think it should be available on other platforms too.

Personal Opinion

I started to love the story from the dorama with the same name. So when I saw the manga, it was a sure-buy with no questions. This book is like a treasure box for Japanese learner: why this is said like that, what is the difference between this and that, how people behave in certain situations, etc…
I have only flipped the book through, but this time wanted to really savour all those tasty minor details it has. Apart from that…I laughed at almost every page and some nice good emotions is sth we really need now.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Perfect for language learners
  • Story revolves about real life situations and needs one may meet/have in Japan. You never know when you might need a Japanese equivalent for a noodle strainer :thinking:


  • Personally I do not see any cons, but perhaps the plot that revolves about language learning may be one?
  • Also those people already living in Japan may have another impression of the scenarios that the book describes


First Three Pages of Chapter One

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