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博士の愛した数式 - The Professor’s Beloved Equation





The narrator’s housekeeping agency dispatches her to the house of the Professor, a former mathematician who can remember new memories for only 80 minutes. She is more than a little frustrated to find that he loves only mathematics and shows no interest whatsoever in anything or anyone else. One day, upon learning that she has a 10-year-old son waiting home alone until late at night every day, the Professor flies into a rage and tells the narrator to have her son come to his home directly from school from that day on. The next day, her son comes and the Professor nicknames him “Root”. From then on, their days begin to be filled with warmth.



Personal Opinion

I became aware of the author Ogawa Yoko (小川洋子) through this article, and independently one or two people recommended this particular book to me. So I thought it might be a nice pick for the book club.

The English translation of the book is called “The Housekeeper and the Professor”. It was also turned into a movie by the name “The Professor’s Beloved Equation.”

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • NOT a highschoolers’ book :wink:
  • Sounds like a heartwarming story to me
  • The book won the Yomiuri Prize (Booksellers’ Award), the author won the Akutagawa Prize


  • Might scare off people who are not a fan of mathematics? (although I don’t know how much mathematics actually appears in the book)


First Three Pages of Chapter One

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Additional Pages

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