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聖☆おにいさん – Saint Young Men



目覚めた人・ブッダ、神の子・イエス。世紀末を無事に越えた二人は、東京・立川でアパートをシェアし、下界でバカンスを過ごしていた。近所のおばちゃんのように細かいお金を気にするブッダ。衝動買いが多いイエス。そんな“最聖”コンビの立川デイズ。“笑い”でも世界を救う! 聖人in立川。ブッダとイエスのぬくぬくコメディ。


Buddha and Jesus live together in a shared flat in modern Tokyo and experience lots of funny and weird situations in their daily lives.



Personal Opinion

I started reading it about 6 months ago and liked the funny situations they bump into.
But I found it a bit hard to understand back then, so I figured it might be better suited for the Intermediate club than for the Beginner club. (But maybe that’s just me…)

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • We don’t read that many manga in the Intermediate Book Club.
  • It’s not too long (134 pages, 9 episodes) and should be a quick read.
  • The humour might be a refreshing alternation after all those “serious” books.
  • There are currently 17 volumes available (not sure whether there will be more to come?) plus an anime and a movie with real actors. (Ok, maybe this is a con after all?)


  • It is about (making fun of) religion and so it might hurt somebody’s feelings?


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

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Pages: 32-33:

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