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最先端の日本酒ペアリング ー SAKE PAIRING



【驚きの日本酒体験を書籍化! 】

日本酒界のイノベーターとして注目される『GEM by moto』の千葉麻里絵さん

東京・恵比寿の日本酒バー『GEM by moto』
「こんな味わい、初めて! 」と感激を呼び多くのお客様を魅了する

「いくらに吟醸酒」など、従来の日本酒と料理の組み合わせには 見られないものが数多く、その意外性に虜になる人も。

ペアリングの理論とともに実際に『GEM by moto』で


[A book of amazing sake experiences!]
Sake innovator, Mari Chiba’s pairing technique is unveiled!

Everyone was surprised by a bold pairing of sake and food,
Mari Emi Chiba from “GEM by moto” attracting attention as an innovator in the sake world
A book that combines the theory and practice of the pairing and recipe examples into one volume
“The most advanced sake pairing”.

A Japanese sake bar “GEM by moto” in Ebisu, Tokyo
Here is the pairing of sake and food that the store manager Marie Chiba has devised.
“That taste is the first time!”

“Blue cheese ham cutlet”
There are many things that cannot be seen in the traditional combination of Japanese sake and cuisine, such as “How much Ginjo Sake”, and some people are captivated by its unexpectedness.

One book that summarizes the pairing theory and practice that has been cultivated so far.
Actually with GEM by moto along with the theory of pairing
Introducing more than 30 kinds of sake and food pairing examples.



Personal Opinion

I'm not expecting this to win the poll but I'm reading this and finding it really interesting and also pretty squarely on my N3ish reading level*. I got a big ego boost last night at a sake event when I mentioned I was reading it so here it is.

Chiba Mari is a bit of a legend in the sake world with her innovative approach to pairing food and sake and this book is her manifesto and manual. Her shop in Tokyo is a must visit (although I haven't visited it yet). The book itself is part her paring theory, part recipes and part the science of interactions between the flavour chemicals in food and drinks.

I thought it would be fun to read a non-fiction book, although I fully admit this is a niche subject and very much my passion. Perhaps one of the detective Konan history manages might be more general appeal non-fiction.



Start of the Chapter on Warmed Sake

Recipe for Blue Cheese Ham Katsu - you should cook this

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*NB I probably know a lot of Sake specific Kanji so this might be more difficult than I think