[Looking for nominations!] Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: セーラー服と機関銃

Ya know, I was leaning towards putting this one in Beginners, but I don’t wanna make more competition for Yuru Camp, so I’ll put it here as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Airborne Dragons
Though, “Drifting Dragons” appears to be an official translation, perhaps. Honestly not too sure on that point.





Meet the crew of the Quin Zaza, a flying ship which hunts flying dragons. And then butchers them for meat and other products, and sells them. Like, that’s literally the blurb on the back of the book’s obi - “Hunt, butcher, sell, and then… eat!!” But more to the point, it’s full of swashes, and buckles, and all manner of derring-do.



Personal Opinion

It looks kinda pretty and kinda fun. Honestly, it first caught my eye because the style of shading and the aircraft technology was quite reminiscent of the Nausicaä manga.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Pretty. Not excessively wordy. No furigana.
  • It’s getting an anime adaptation starting early next year, so clearly it’s popular.


  • Well, if I’m to be completely honest… it’s got some fairly strong hints of whale hunting in the imagery, which is not an awesome theme, though at least in this case the dragons propose a legitimate threat to both the ship and to innocent towns on the ground.


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