[Looking for nominations!] Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: セーラー服と機関銃

I would like to read this book in the near future, and so I figured I might as well suggest it for the book club :wink:


This book actually contains the novel キッチン and the novella ムーンライト・シャドウ. I would only propose the first story here, and we can decide later whether we want to read the second story as well.




満月 キッチン2


In Kitchen, a young Japanese woman named Mikage Sakurai struggles to overcome the death of her grandmother. She gradually grows close to one of her grandmother’s friends, Yuichi, from a flower shop and ends up staying with him and his transgender mother, Eriko. During her stay, she develops affection for Yuichi and Eriko, almost becoming part of their family. However, she moves out after six months as she finds a new job as a culinary teacher’s assistant. When she finds that Eriko has passed away, she tries to support Yuichi through the difficult time, and realises that Yuichi is probably in love with her. Reluctant to face her own feelings for him, she goes away to Izu for a work assignment. However, after going to a restaurant to eat katsudon, she realises she wants to bring it to Yuichi.

In Moonlight Shadow, a woman named Satsuki loses her boyfriend Hitoshi in an accident and tells us: “The night he died my soul went away to some other place and I couldn’t bring it back”. She becomes friendly with his brother Hiiragi, whose girlfriend died in the same crash. On one insomniac night out walking she meets a strange woman called Urara who has also lost someone. Urara introduces her to the mystical experience of The Weaver Festival Phenomenon, which she hopes will cauterize their collective grief.



Personal Opinion

I would like to start to move towards reading “literature” (as opposed to children’s books or pulp). With this book, the author won two newcomer’s awards, so I’m convinced her writing will fulfil my expectations :wink:

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • The main story is only 140 pages, so it’s a quick read (maybe we can even squeeze it in between the end of Konbini and the end of Haruhi?).
  • In case we plan to tackle it later: The second story is about half as long as the first one.
  • Won two newcomer’s awards and received a bunch of favorable reviews
  • Was turned into a movie twice (for those who like different media)
  • Almost no furigana


  • Judging from the summary, the story might have its sad moments, so it’s maybe not to everybody’s liking.
  • Not on FloFlo
  • Almost no furigana


First Three Pages of Chapter One

Additional Pages

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