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悪夢のクローゼット 悪夢シリーズ





High school baseball star Toranosuke is a bit of a national idol. Known as the “sparkling prince” by his fans, he was invited to the house of his beautiful teacher Mina. Before he knew it, he was in her bedroom being seduced, the dream of any teenage boy.

Some unexpected visitors show up right when the mood gets right, and Toranosuke is forced to hide in the closet. This would destroy his reputation and his blossoming baseball career if a scandal like this were unearthed.

While waiting for the visitors to leave, everyone enters the bedroom. Hoping they leave soon, things turn for the worst. His teacher is murdered right before his eyes, as he peeks out from a crack in the closet door. Sex scandal and now witness to murder? Is there anyway Toranosuke can come out of this unscathed and keep his sparkling prince image?!


Personal Opinion

It sounds really funny and I think we would enjoy it, and it’s just something really different that we haven’t tried yet and we should!

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • proper length
    Not impossible hard
    funny and interesting


  • So far as the sample reads, there is isn’t any explicit sexual activity while they do take their clothes off to their underwear and kiss.(as far as I can read, I didn’t look up any words and I don’t know many sexuality explicit words) I don’t think this counts as NSFW as I think scenes like this are in pg13 movies, but may I ask why for some reason are we queasy about NSFW? Like is it that serious?


Awkwardly enough, some of the scene is in the first three pages…

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