[Looking for Nominations!] Advanced Japanese Book Club (Now reading: 人間失格)

I take back all my previous opinions about vote editing.

Sorry, I had only voted for one book, forgot to come back and put the rest…


Is there a e-book version for 雪国 anywhere? It would be a bit more convenient for studying :slight_smile:

Bookwalker has :slight_smile:


Would you happen to know if that version would work on a kindle?

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Doesn’t look like it, unfortunately :sweat_smile: Books bought on Bookwalker can only be read with their app or in browser viewer



Thanks though!

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You can get it on Amazon instead if you want it on kindle :slight_smile:

(Though you have to jump through a few hoops the first time you buy from the Japanese kindle store)


Could you be a bit more explicit about the hoops? Last time I tried I got denied because of my region (even with a vpn).

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Ah, thank you :blush:.

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For me it worked with fine with a Japanese adress as the main one and a vpn, so unfortunately I don’t know otherwise if that doesn’t work, though maybe there’s someone else that does :slight_smile: (what I did was basically just google it and follow along with the first guide I found, so I don’t remember that much about exactly what I did)


There are a number of posts on the forums that describe the process, e.g.


Or the excellent

Just keep in mind that they might be outdated… In that case your help to get them up-to-date will be appreciated! :wink:


Is poll closed? I’m excited. I’ve wanted to read this one for years.

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Yes, the poll is closed and the winner is 雪国. I’ll edit the OP when I have access to a computer.

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Yay! I’ve set up a home thread for it: 雪国 - Snow Country ⛄️❄️ (Advanced Book Club)

Also, we need to determine a reading schedule. I’ve started a discussion about this in the book’s home thread.


Thank you! I have updated the OP with the current info.


I’ve added a reading schedule to the Snow Country home thread. Now only one question remains: When do we want to start reading? The last week of Honsuki runs until Oct 23th, so here are some options:

  • Start on Oct 24th (no break)
  • Start on Oct 31th (1 week break)
  • Start on Nov 7th (2 week break)
  • Start on some other date (please explain)

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Honzuki :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Were you able to continue buying without a VPN after the first time? I used a VPN the first time but havent tried again after.

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I personally haven’t needed to use one anymore after the first few purchases :slight_smile:


@Kyayna Would you also be ok with starting on Oct 31th ? Because that’s the middle ground that the vast majority can agree on… (but I don’t really want to overrule your vote without at least checking back with you)