Looking for Guided Handwriting Practice Online

I asked this already on the resources thread, but didn’t get any hits, so I’m making a separate thread.

Do you know of any online writing drill apps/websites that specifically include information such as the ideal spacing or how to finish a particular stroke?

I have a physical version

but the problem is that I’ve worn it out in some spots, poor writing practice from before influences new attempts, and I press too hard with a physical pencil. If it’s online practice, I can more easily have a clean start each attempt and from experience, I know I don’t press as hard with the stylus.

I would prefer an app only if it can be used on a computer. It seems like there are plenty of good drilling apps and pdfs, but I haven’t been able to find any that have the guidelines like in these physical books.


I’ve also been looking for something similar to use with an iPad, seems like it would be a perfect use case for the Apple Pencil. Thinking about taking a digital version of a handwriting book and somehow converting it into an Apple pages template I can practice on.


That sort of thing would be nice. I thought about downloading some pdfs but most/all(?) don’t have the stroke guidelines.

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If it’s used on a computer, are you planning to use a Wacom device or a pen mouse or something similar? Those things are quite expensive if you don’t already have one, and are probably less practical than just using your tablet/smartphone.

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Yeah, I have a cheap tablet. I press way more gently onto it, so it’s much better for my hand and sustained practice

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Game Gengo Matt best Matt

It’s not online, but here are ds/3ds games to help practice writing, reading, and even stroke order :slight_smile: works well for me since they’re some of the only consoles I have

Probably not exactly what you want, but you can also practice with the drawing input of https://jisho.org.
It is quite sensitive on stroke order. If your writing is fine you’ll find your kanji as the first suggestion. If your writing is bad, the kanji you tried to write will be further down in the list (or will not figure there at all).
Searching for e.g. 派 #kanji gives you the stroke order of 派

I forgot to add the ds game I picked up before Matt posted his game list! It was ~350 yen so I had figured it was a safe gamble. It’s pretty much exactly what I had been looking for, although the games Matt shared have more features and the kanken training is probably up some advanced people’s alleys.

The name of the game I already bought is DS 美文字(びもじ)トレーニング. It has all the features I was looking for- guided and unguided practice along with scoring/rating of your handwriting. During training, it says how to write the kanji and in feedback, it shows how you should have made certain lines parallel, proportional, or spaced. It also has targeted practice so that you can focus on stuff like greeting card phrases or more grade level based kanji. It’s really great. I think the only thing I dislike so far is the screen resolution lol, but for 350 yen, I think it’s quite a steal.

Also if you do the wrong stroke order, it won’t even let you submit the kanji for grading lol. It highlights the box with the order animation.

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