Looking for grammar drilling apps other than verbs

So I looked through the Ultimate List of Resources, but didn’t find what I was looking for. Basically, I’m looking for ways to drill grammar. There are like a bazillion ones for verb conjugation, sometimes adjective conjugation as well, and as far as I can tell, precious little else. Now, verb conjugation is pretty important, but there’s a lot more to grammar than just that. So I’m looking to fill that need.

I did Bunpro for awhile, but I came away thinking SRS isn’t well suited to grammar. At least, it didn’t work for me. I think I need more repetition, closer together, than SRS intervals give me to get grammar points into my head initially. I need lessons to learn it in the first place in a way I don’t for kanji and vocab. So I want exercises and drills that I can do to get stuff to stick.

Anyway, I imagine that some of the textbook/workbooks might give me what I need, but I’d prefer something electronic. Maybe some of the learning programs have associated apps? Anyone who’s using such materials, what do they offer? Or are there other things out there?

If anyone has thoughts/places to try out, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


Have you used the cram function on bunpro? It allows you as many repetitions as you need!


I don’t think I did. It was awhile back that I did Bunpro. I stopped for a bunch of reasons. One was that there were only 12 sentences for each grammar concept. It wasn’t enough variety to make me not memorize the sentences rather than the grammar point. The ghost review feature which brought up the failed sentences over and over also reinforced them in a way.

I think doing a cram would just make that aspect worse, though. I think it might work with a larger corpus of sentences. And perhaps more comprehension drills as well as close deletion style stuff.

I’m not sure. I should probably go back and see what’s changed. It has been awhile since I’ve logged in.

You can also add your own sentences to BunPro, too!

I think I’m too lazy for that level of sentence mining. I’m looking for something easy that I can do on occasions when there’s no reviews waiting in the SRS and I’m not ready to tackle new lessons.

I’d also worry that the act of self-selection would be selecting not for good examples, but based upon my own biases, making the data set non-representative in some way. I’d really prefer to be tested on things I haven’t seen before, ideally. Which is why drill programs that generate examples or based upon a large, unknown to me, corpus seems the way to go.

Yeah, I know, I’m picky.

It’s not my intention to talk you 'round, so take this as you want. But I think that 12 sentences per grammar point are sufficient for most of your grammar needs if you are also engaging with the language outside of SRS systems. Sometimes grammar won’t click, and then you can look up outside sources (the linked resources on bunpro also have lots of other sentences to look at) for more exposure. But there are already 824 grammar points on the site, at 12 sentences per grammar point that’s nearly ten thousand sentences. Even IF you were to have memorized them all, that’s a powerful arsenal of example sentences you can draw from!

Bunpro is named often enough on here, but there’s a different app just called Bunpo that is a grammar instruction/exercise app. It’s organized by N-level. It’s helpful for review if you’re already somewhat familiar with grammar (I say as someone who took formal Japanese classes in school). It has a mix of conjugation, sentence formation, fill-in-the-blank, type-what’s-being-spoken, and multiple choice. Review by lesson and then it has some SRS-style review, but you can also skip that.

Free to some extent and then a cost. I’ve already forgotten what it was because I think I just bought the lifetime price.



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