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Hi there turtles.

I had been wondering if there is a specific list of how long which level wait for a timer. Example
AP0 - AP1 2 hours
AP4 - G1 11 hours
G2-M 244ours (11 days)
And also if they are predictable like this in fist place. I can´t seem to find a list like that just laying around the internet.



They are predictable like this. The most important ones are
apprentice 1=>apprentice 2= 4 hours
apprentice 2=>apprentice 3= 8 hours
Other than those I haven’t memorized them

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This explains pretty much everything you need to know, @Linaril. I’d add that for levels 1 and 2, the SRS intervals between Apprentice 1 and 4 are cut in half.

Fastest progress possible
Review SRS Level Total Wait Next Level
Lesson Apprentice 1 - 4h
1 Apprentice 2 4h 8h
2 Apprentice 3 12h ~1d
3 Apprentice 4 1d 11h ~2d
4 Guru 1 3d 10h ~1w
5 Guru 2 1w 3d 9h ~2w
6 Master 3w 3d 8h ~1M
7 Enlightened 7w 5d 7h ~4M
8 Burned 24w 6d 6h -
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