Looking for an "open all detail drop downs when pressing F" Userscript

Hi all! First off, I’m not at all script savvy. Installing the scripts to use was my technological limit, haha. But they are great and make WK so much better for me.

So maybe this is a dream but… would it be very difficult for someone to write a script that would auto-open all the drop downs when I press F to check the details of a word (the meaning, reading, context, similar kanji, kanji composition)? It’s the thing I hate most since the overhaul a few months ago- I used be able to quickly glance-review all the details of any word to reinforce it just by hitting F. Now I have to mouse click 4+ different drop downs every word I want to check. It’s so slow and frustrating; I despise it!

Does anyone have any suggestions, has anyone already made something for this? Would it be hard to make? What kind of bribes would it take to get a kind individual to consider it? : )



You can also press “E” to expand all hidden item info



Shh, at least make it 5 bucks or something.


Haha how long have I been doing this without knowing about the E key?! Thank you!!