Looking for an app like this but for windows

I found an android app called Dokugakusha that lets you paste in a paragraph of text and not only get the Furigana, but also has a function called a morphological analyzer. It’s in the picture, but it locates each word and its definition, part of speech, etc. When you click the word you see it all in the box below. This is great for translation b/c you don’t have to leave the paragraph to search a definition or look up a certain phrase or idiom.

My questions is this:

Is there anything like this for windows?

I know the iOS app imi ha has this function as well. But every browser based app either gives it all to me in Japanese, puts every word in a list format instead, or needs you to download files and be familiar with python to run. None of those work for me.


There is this website:

It also generates a vocab list of every word you clicked. But it doesn’t put furigana over every word.

Or, you could install a browser extension like Yomichan to see the reading and definition of a word when you hover over it, to be able to see the translation of anything immediately, on any website.


Thanks a lot! Both of these seem great. The site isn’t what I expected, but I like that it keeps the text I need to translate still while the definitions scroll. I’ll give yomichan a shot too. This is awesome, thanks.

I’ve gone through using both of them for a few minutes now and I think I’m in love! I can’t thank you enough. Depending my needs for the day, both of those perfectly suit my needs. I don’t know why I never bothered searching the chrome webstore. I already use IPA furigana but yomichan is better suited for active studying instead of just reading. The site I’m studying in the Japanese language has a built in ruby text option to add the furigana, but yomichan works seamlessly with it. Anyway, I’m going to keep rambling so I’m gonna go study now. You are a life saver.


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