Looking for a specific online quiz site

A few years ago I found a link to someone’s site that had several quizzes. I’m pretty sure I found the link in the WK forum. But I can’t find it now. It seemed like a set of quizzes that a person made for their own study, but they let other people use it. One type of quiz was, given a number with a few or several digits, type the Japanese translation. I think there was a similar quiz for time of day. Another quiz was conjugating verbs. Does anyone (maybe even the creator!) know what I’m talking about?

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Not sure about the numbers or time of day quizzes, but I have these two conjugation drill sites bookmarked which might be what you’re looking for?
https://waniconjugation.cantrellnm.dev/ , Don's Japanese Conjugation Drill


There is also this: Japanese Projects

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steven-kraft.com. That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!


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