[Looking for 1 Nomination! 19/20] The Intermediate Manga Club (IMC) // Now reading: 紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 // Next: 鋼の錬金術師 (8月3日)

On one hand, I found the manga difficult to get through until the anime got me attached to the characters, because it has some pacing issues and lacks a lot of the emotional payoffs for important moments, both of which the anime massively improves upon.

On the other hand, I can’t very well not vote for Bocchi, can I?


FYI, クプルムの花嫁 is currently on sale digitally.


Just reposting this here. Volume 1 of the upcoming bookclub pick is on sale on Book Walker at present (or free to read until July 18).


I will post the poll for book #4 next week, we have 19/20 nomination, so if anyone has something they are thinking to nominate, now is the time :slight_smile:
And if anyone wants to start a campaign for their nomination, with cute gifs and and such, now is also the time :smiley:

(from NANA)


That said, it’s still two weeks until we even start reading book three, so surely running the poll for book four feels mildly premature.

Wait, I have two other series to campaign for. But Kuro’s never had an anime beyond a two-second cameo in the background of GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class, so I can’t really do gifs. Hmm…


You could post cute* pics of サンジュ and ニジュク. I’m sure the stillness would be excused.

*) So pretty much any pics that contain either of them.


Book 3 will only run for 5 weeks and usually there is this “start the poll 6 weeks before so that people who read physically have time to order the book” rule :slight_smile: the IMC is the only club that reads book in less than 10 weeks so we are starting the poll before we start the new book (only didn’t happen last time because there was a tie and we read two books in a row)


I keep getting drawn to 犬夜叉 (Inuyasha). It’s Natively level 25 so probably a good fit for this book club. It seems to be very popular and Natively reviews are good. Artwork looks very appealing. Only drawback is it is 56 volumes long - it ran for 22 years!


Now you have fun running that as an offshoot :older_man:


I’d definitely vote for that if you nominate it! (But would probably not join such a long offshoot :sweat_smile:)


It’s on my “maybe read one day” list.

I remember seeing some episodes of the anime (English dubbed) as a teenager. Some years ago, I considered buying the box set of the anime to watch English subbed. But then I learned it was based on a manga, and I’d rather read the source material than watch an adaptation.

My known vocabulary for the first several volumes is on par with Sailormoon, which I managed to keep up one chapter per week to read with a lower vocabulary than I have now (plus I have Mokuro+Migaku these days to help me out), so I’d probably even be able to keep up. (Still worried about whether I’ll be able to keep up with FMA, though.)

That reminds me, I haven’t read from Detective Conan in a while. I need to get back to it.


Ooh that would make a pretty good nomination too! Would love to try it, and wow so much text, would be a good fit for the club.


It was nominated for BBC quite a while back, but never garnered very many quotes.

I do think it fits IMB better, which could even work up from “one chapter per week” to “one case per week” (with cases being three to five chapters long).


That’s so true! (Sometimes it feels like a novel in manga format.)


That’s quite a few volumes!


yall ready for infinite 殺人事件

i dont know the vocab for ‘locked room mystery’ i knew this at one point


KINGDOM appears to be not very difficult, as sometimes not so much text. First 5 volumes are free to read on Bookwalker until 31 July.


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I tried the anime for a while and couldn’t understand a damn thing. It came out back when anime was its own separate langauge, so if the manga is written in a similar way I would never attempt it.


yes please!!!

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Is it possible you didn’t find the first episode and accidentially started halfway through the anime or something? Because otherwise I can’t imagine what there is to not understand about Inuyasha. It’s an extremely simple battle shounen type story at heart.

That said, I’d skip it, too, if it gets picked.

Overall story impressions, no real spoilers

Inuyasha was one of the first anime/manga stories I ever really got into back in the early 00s…and also the one that taught me never to start unfinished shows, because it suffered from Long Series Decay Syndrome like woah, and I ended up stuck in the position where I was too invested to drop it, but bored by every new installment. After a promising start, it goes into a drawn out mid section where the plot becomes very thin and hardly anything happens except for repetitive boss battles. The anime is even worse than the manga, because it bloats the already weak sections from the source material with filler.

So, nostalgic though I feel about it, I’ll pass.