Longest Holdout

What’s the longest people have held out, staring at a kanji before admitting they don’t remember? I definitely just stared for a good five minutes before conceding :smile:


well given that i already dont make good use of my time, i think at least in my most recent revision. (reset to level 20 till now) this would defo be less than 30 seconds. currently i take 4 seconds on average per prompt apparently


Before admitting I don’t remember, only about 20 seconds, but I have spent at least 2 minutes staring until I eventually dredged up the meaning/reading correctly.

I read a few months ago that spending time trying to remember something, even if you are unsuccessful, primes your brain to better learn/remember the item when you subsequently look it up. (5 minutes may be overkill for this effect :wink:).


haha yeah, to be clear, this was an outlier: im usually <5s to answer normally, and stick on harder ones for 20-30s before getting them, I was just sure I had this one (narrator: he did in fact, not have this one)


Sometimes when confronted with an unknown, I will walk away and briefly do something else. When I come back the answer is easier to grasp.


Less than 5 seconds. If I didn’t get both the meaning and reading when I first see a Kanji, I fail it intentionally. I want to get it back in the review queue as soon as possible. In addition, I always review all the wrong answers at the end review and try to figure out why I didn’t recall it immediately. Usually it’s forgetting the mnemonic or focusing on the wrong part of the mnemonic story.

IMO, getting it wrong isn’t a mistake, it’s an indication that you need to study that one more.


One thing I forgot to point out is that after finishing WK and starting to read native text my tolerance remained the same. If I’m reading something, I’m not going to stare at an unknown Kanji for 5 minutes. I’ll either look it up or try my best to glean it from context and move on.

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For reading I also try to infer and move on, but I usually mark with a highlighter to come back later and add the unknown words to a deck.


You’re better than me than. :wink: I just YOLO it and move on even though I know I’d probably have better retention doing it that way.