Long time no see

Hello Cragibators!

I’ve decided to comeback after 3+ years of no Japanese at all.

Back in the day, i used to have 14 level and no doubt i remember nothing of it today.

If i buy a subscription now, i will see 2k+ items for review which is hell of adventure.

Guys, should i reset my stats to begin from the scratch or review 2k+ items?

Many thanks,

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I’d say no, go though the reviews, just take your time with it.

If you still remember an item, there’s no point studying it again. If you don’t, look at the lesson and practice it as if it was a new item. The srs will put it back to apprentice anyway.

That being said, in that case you should use some user script to keep those items you are relearning from going at the end of your review pile. (I forgot what it was called, someone else will probably put a link afterwards). If not, you will have forgotten again by the time they come back.

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I’m with Nath - the SRS will sort out what you remember from what you don’t, so just find a suitable number of reviews to do per day.

You’ll just be putting yourself through hell which is for level 30-40!

It’s gonna be overwhelming to dive back and might drive you to a burnout, which is way worse.

Even if you manage to go through the said 2k+ reviews, not remembering most of them will lead to a lot of apprentice items, which is gonna be about hundreds of reviews per day when you just came back.

It’s best to reset and go through it all again since the point of the Crabigator’s teachings is to learn kanji and burn all the turtles, not just reach level 60.

It’s a bit of a bitter pill to swallow but you can do it, radez!

(I almost said bitter swill to pallow. Silly.)


I actually just started doing Japanese again after my break since I was graduating high school, I got kinda lazy and didn’t revise anything for like 3 months. It was really hard to start doing reviews again since the 1800+ reviews I accumulated looked pretty terrifying. I think you should just go back to the reviews, as re-learning it a second time will be at least half as difficult as before. Just try to do 100 reviews a day, right now I’m at about 800 reviews, so I’m getting there. All it takes is persistence. Good luck.

I would normally suggest resetting to “Burn Level”, but well, for you, it would mean resetting to Level 1…

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I would install one of the scripts that sorts reviews by level or look at the items in the item overview. If you see that you do for example remember a lot of items from level 1-5 then you could just reset to level 6. But if you are really sure that you have forgotten it all, I think resetting will be the better choice.

Drowning in reviews is such a negative experience and not a nice way to start your studies again. You also might risk not taking enough time for each item that you forgot (which you really should: go through the mnemonic, picture it in your head, make your own if it doesn’t work… ) and then end up needing even more time to go through the reviews.

So if you really forgot it all, I would just reset and do a nice, fresh start and slowly get back into it. There is plenty of time to suffer later on! :wink:


I also took a long break from Level 17 (longer than 3 years).
Personally, I think resetting is the way to go. While there are stuff, I recognize instantly, I don’t particularly feel I am wasting my time doing them. It only strengthens my foundation.


Pretty accurate representation of the comments too.



I guess i have to start over again.

Thank you guys for the feedback! You rock!

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I just started over myself on the fifth I think it was. I was still studying Japanese though, just not kanji.

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