Long time learner, not much progress, saying hello!

I took Japanese in college back in… 1991 or so. I’ve been an (mostly) off and on studier ever since then. I’m nearly 50, and I probably only know about 300 kanji, and a vocabulary of maybe a few hundred words.

Finally, though, now that our son is an adult and out of the house, my wife and I are planning to travel to Japan next year (for my 50th birthday). This has created an impetus to begin studying again, with some vigor!

And so I find myself here. Today is my first day, and I found myself nodding at all of the radicals, and maybe I’ll stick with things this time and make more progress! I shall do my best!

Also, hello!


i wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Hi, I took 2 years of Japanese in college back in…hmm…2005? So, not quite aslong of a break, but this has been really really helpful.

Wishing you luck, and enjoy your trip!

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