Little People




I came here expecting someone to be singing songs from Les Mis.


Not gonna lie, I thought this was about 1Q84 before I opened it. Funily enough, this turned out to be even weirder than those little people.


Are mythological dwarfs not known as gnomes?


Gnomes are different small mythological humanoid beings.

I’m not sure what the impact on this issue would be though if that was the case.


The more you know:

  1. Gnomes and dwarfs are depicted as magical beings.
  2. The Renaissance period had shown records for gnomes while the Norse mythology had shown records for dwarfs.
  3. Both gnomes and dwarfs are small, human-like creatures.
  4. The gnomes live underground, which is why they are called earth dwellers. On the other hand, dwarfs live in forests, mountains, and even underground.
  5. Gnomes don’t like interacting with people while dwarfs are depicted as friendlier beings since they live above the ground.
  6. The images of gnomes are often accompanied with the dwarfs of Snow White while the dwarfs are depicted as small and ugly beings.
  7. Dwarfs are wise creatures. They are gifted with reason. Some say that they are favored by the gods which is why they have the ability to think.

I’d add that no gnomes have been involved in the quest do destroy the One Ring and bring peace to the Middle Earth.


Also interesting that John Rhys-Davies, who portrayed the dwarf Gimli, is 6’1, taller than Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom (5’11 each).


Hey that’s pretty tall for a dwarf!


In fact, that made him the perfect height, because it meant he was the correct scale to the hobbits, so they could do everything with just two shots instead of three.


Then why didn’t they cast Kareem Abdul-Jabbar instead?


I imagine John Rhys-Davies was selected for more than just his height.

His acting ability, possibly.


I beg to differ. This is an Oscar-worthy performance:


Yes but then they’d have to find him a horse that made him look small.


Damn Pluto, you scary.


I usually call kids Little People